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I think my first time was pretty neat, even though I was very surprised when it happened and how it happened. My parents went to a big dinner with another couple and they took me to their house so their daughter could watch me. I protested because I felt I was old enough at 13 to stay home by myself but my folks didn't buy it. I was soon to be happy that they didn't.

Tiffany was 16 and she smoked and drank behind her parent's back. When we were alone she offered me wine and cigaretes but I declined. She was on the phone for at least a couple of hours while I watched TV. She came into the living room after she got off the phone and said she had some video tapes she wanted to watch and that they would probably do me some good. They were hardcore pornos. I never saw anything like that before except in my friend's magazines. Even at 13 I was getting aroused. I was small and my voice hadn't changed, but I had a little pubic hair and my dick was about 5 inches. I had just started masturbating.

Tiffany was wearing a tee shirt and gym shorts and I could see that her hand was under her pants. She was quietly moaning as she watched the movie. The movie was real good and I was hard too. I thought I would have to get up and go to the bathroom. After the fucking on the screen was over, she asked if I enjoyed it. I said I guess I did. She asked if I had ever done anything like that before and I said no. She asked if I wanted to do it and I said I guess so. Then she said "how about now?" I said "really" and she said "yeah". Now I turned down the wine and the smokes but I wasn't going to pass this up. She looked at my little adolescent body and asked if I was old enough to do this and I took offense that she would even think that. "Of course I am!" I said in my most macho voice and now I can only imagine what I must have looked like. I was standing up straight, all 5 foot 2 inches of me with my long blond hair falling in my eyes and my dick poking a tent in my shorts. She laughed and said "this is going to be fun."

For being a little slut, Tiffany was very good looking as I found out when she stripped off all her clothes after we went to her room. Her body looked as good as the girls we had just seen in the tape. I stripped naked too and Tiffany said, "hey, you're not bad looking at all!" She told me to get on the bed and when I did she went right down on me. Her mouth felt a lot better than my right hand ever did. Tiffany got a close up look at my boy penis in action as I shot my cum all over her face. She said that was the best she had ever seen and I was proud because I knew her reputation and lots of other boys had already been in her mouth. By the way, it felt GREAT!

I went limp and she said we've got to get this hard again so we can fuck!" Duh, I thought and she pulled her bare tits up to my face. I sucked on them, which of course is the adolescent fantasy of every 13 year old boy. She seemed to be enjoying it and I felt her stroking my penis as my face was buried in her breasts. Her nipples were hard and those beautiful dark brown circles stood out so nice off of her soft white mounds. After a few minutes of tit sucking she said she wanted to kiss me. We were lying on our sides facing each other with our heads on the pillow. My first french kiss felt so erotic considering that I was doing with a completely nude girl. She took my hand and placed it back on her breast so I could finger her nipples as we kissed. Her hand was stroking my now hard penis. I had my other hand between her legs feeling her wetness. I had no idea what i was doing but it was cool. Tiffany's other hand was rubbing my smooth chest and she tickled each of my nipples like I did to her. Since that time I have discovered that this is my favorite type of foreplay. I swear, my nipples must have been as sensitive as hers. All this stimulation was having the desired effect on me. Tiffany felt the cum oozing from me and said, "now its time." She laid on her back and I knelt between her legs. I brushed the hair out of my eyes and looked down at her waiting body. Could this really be happening, I thought. Tiffany looked at me and said, "Wow, I've never fucked a kid as young as you before! Let me have it!" I leaned over and she guided me in. Nothing had prepared me for the feel of my first pussy. It was warm and slippery as I moved in and out of it. Several times I fell out, but she readjusted her hips so I was more comfortable. Tiffany was breathing hard and moaned a lot louder than she had during the movie. She was scratching my back and I knew she drew blood, but by then I was in nice rhythm and was concentrating on cumming again myself. I looked down and watched her bouncing breasts as well as my dick sliding in and out of her pussy. My climax started deep in my balls and I just relaxed and enjoyed the ride. There's nothing like your first climax during your first fuck. I'll never forget it. When we finished we were both sweating all over but we were both happy. She said it was nice to fuck somebody who appreciated it. There was no question that I did.

We made the mistake of falling asleep on her bed (after 2 more fucks) and you can imagine the shit that went down when our parents returned. Mom was totally pissed but a couple of days later Dad asked me how I enjoyed it and I got to tell him the whole story. I think he was jealous. Needless to say, Dad never minded if I fucked, which was good because from then on I was a very sexually active teenager. He bought all my condoms for me and he often took Mom out so I'd have the house to myself. I've had sex thousands of times, but it all started with Tiffany and a virgin 13 year old boy.

Horny Babysitter

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