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Broken Seal

Sex = Male
Where it happened = My Room
Language = English
Refnum = 24443
It was a nice day to hang around with friends,but i just refuse to go out no matter what.Later my neighbours daugter came to borrow dictionary from me.She was same age as me, but she got a nice smile and nice body,actually she's showing me some signal quite a few time and i just ignore her.But this time i don wanna to lose this opportunity to give my first time to her,so i just tell her to follow me to my room to the stuff.As both of us reach the room i whisper her face and ask her wanna be my girl and lick her ear slowly.She replying by putting her hands inside my boxer and play with my cock.i feel like my body is burning and i straight grab her and open one of the leg and slid down her panties.then she want to wear condom and i agreed coz i prefered safe sex.i just in and out for 20minutes then i cum.she was fantastic......i love you gina!!!

Broken Seal

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