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Don't know his name

Sex = Female
Where it happened = Basement
Language = English
Refnum = 24386
Well, I use to know this boy who use to hang around our appartments, I dont think he had a home. But anyways I was walking home from school one day and he was sitting on the corner and I walked passed him and he follwed me for a bit then asked me why such a pretty girl like myself was walking home bymyself. I just smiled and kept on walking, he walked me home right up to my door step and I walked in and he followed me. I laughed and gave him a gentle push and he picked me up and brought me to my room.

Everything happend so fast but he ripped open my panties and he took out his cock which was pretty big and slid it in me. It hurt like shit and I started to bleed. I started sreaming cause I though I was been rapped and then all of a sudden it started feeling real good. I started going "FUCK ME BABY SHOOT YOUR CUM RIGHT IN MY CLIT". Then he pulled out just as he was about to cum, but he didnt cum... he shoved his dick in my ass and came in there. It's been 3 days and my pussy still hurts, maybe I just need some more cock. By guys.


Don't know his name

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