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My Dearest Linda B.

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Well, it was not truly my first time in a literal sense,
but it was my first time in a true loving relationship we
had been going out for a few months and were into heavy
making out and petting. We were both in the same class at
Hofstra Univerity in New York and had become friends.
It was the 62's. Until a short time befor I had met Linda
I was a very conservative Republican, but a little hippie
in attitude, The death of one of my best friends in Viet Nam
had made a total change in my in my outlook and philosophy,
and I became an anti war advocate. Linda was pretty anti
war her self and had dated a guy who was an army Lt. in Nam.
We were at first friends and quickly fell in love. When we
first mase love it was glorius and totally different than
any before her We were together almost daily and became
engafed. Unfortunately, when her former came home, she was
torn between us and our relationship ended. I had talked
with her from time to time for another year or so after that
but we never got together again.
I still truly love her and miss her and hardly a day goes by
that I dont think of her, more than 30 years since I last
saw her. I would leave my Wife of 28 years if Linda would
only ask me.

My Dearest Linda B.

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