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Blowjob Queen

Sex = Female
Where it happened = his dorm room
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I read these stories every month or so, and when I read
22937 I had some real flashbacks. So there were other girls
out there like me! I grew up in one of those hothouse ethnic
Catholic communities where sex was absolutely forbidden, so
it was all we thought about. I turned 13 in 1966 and started
dating (7th grade). I went to this really strict parochial
school where the junior high and high school were together,
so it was easy in jr. high to meet older boys. I was "boy
crazy"; mostly I was fascinated by forbidden things, but I
took the virginity stuff very, very seriously. I was going
to save myself for marriage, but I wanted to have some fun
along the way.

I was attractive in a certain way. I'm just under five
feet tall. By the time I was 13 I wore a 32D bra, which was
very hard to find (and still is). I was interested in guys,
and they were interested in me. I was fascinated by penises.
I read anatomy books in the library; I studied art nudes; I
really loved the idea of penises and the boys they were
attached to.

I liked dating jocks a lot, and I had a pretty busy
social life. I did the usual necking and petting and after
about six months I started doing hand jobs, which were okay,
but messy. I saw the variety of sizes and shapes of guys,
but I was determined to stay a virgin. But I loved to read
"how to" books about sex, which were just coming out. I read
a lot about oral sex, and it all seemed very mysterious.

In the eighth grade, when I was almost 14, a really
hunky senior asked me out to a movie, and we went parking
after. I let him go a bit farther than most guys; before I
told him to stop he had most of my clothes off and most of
his. He was very cool, but very determined, and told me that
he had heard I was a tease, but I wasn't going to get away
with that, and he wasn't going to settle for a goddam hand
job. He was a foot and a half taller than I was, and in 1966
"date rape" wasn't taken very seriously. So before he could
do anything, I was down on him all the way. The movie "Deep
Throat" didn't come out for another six or seven years, but
he got a preview, and in about ten strokes I was getting my
first taste of hot, musky cum. He must have liked it a lot,
because he had me do it two more times. He drove me home and
asked how soon he could see me again, but he didn't kiss me.

After that I got to be very popular very fast. I got
invited to every jock party, and I got to ride on the team
bus to away games. Of course, I got to know the taste of the
whole team.

I know some women think it's degrading, or they don't
like the taste, but it was a way to have the intensity of
sex and keep my virginity. I got to know the flavors different
foods give to semen; and how some guys like teeth and how
most don't; how some guys like to do it shallow, and some
guys want to choke you. But they all like to have their cum

So I spent the rest of jr. high and high school "on my
knees". When I was 16 I had a boyfriend who liked to do 69,
and that was a whole new dimension. Although I didn't mind
just doing blowjobs, it was so much better when I could have
an orgasm, too. This may sound awfully backward, but in the
late '60s oral sex was mostly blows, with very little pussy
licking. At least, for me it was.

So in 1971 I started college and, like 22937, I got
invited to every frat party and every jock party there was,
with the expectation I would drink more cum than beer. That
was usually true. There are more women like me than will
admit it, at least at some point in their lives. I felt
proud of being, "young, dumb, and full of cum."

But when I was 19, it just wasn't enough any more.
Finally I started going out with guys who didn't necessarily
expect the evening to end with me on my knees. I hit it off
with one, and on the second date he asked me to go to bed
with him. Giving up the virginity thing was very hard, but
I had made up my mind to do it. Unlike 22937, I wasn't on
the pill (Who needed it when all I did was swallow?) but he
was considerate in every way. Even so, the first few time
was disappointing. After all the taboos, I expected too much.
But he was patient and gentle, and by the third time I was
having an orgasm.

After a couple months I told him about my everything
I had done, and offered to show him, which he accepted.
After that we got a lot more experimental, and a lot closer.
Eventually we got married, and are still married. So, oddly
enough, I did sort-of save it for marriage. And sex is still
great any way we do it.

Blowjob Queen

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