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Sex = Male
Where it happened = Hotel
Language = English
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We were at work at one of our keg nights. We went over to one of our friends house. She put her head in my lap and we started kissing. We had to go get some cigerettes for our friend. When we got into the car, I could not help myself. We started kissing and foundling each other. It had been awhile and all of a sudden, we heard a knock on the window. It was our friend. We had not gone to get her cigerettes yet so we quickly got ourselves together and went to the store. When we got back we excused ourselves and went to a La Quinta hotel. We sat on the bed and started kissing. We were both very intoxicated. I drew her a bath and helped her in. I bathed her from her toes to her head. Then, with my clothes on, in one motion, she pulled me into the bath tub. We feverously worked on my clothes until they were off. We started kissing and rubbing each other. When we couldn't take any more we got out of the tub and went to the bed, still soaking wet. We kissed and foundled some more until I inserted my 6 inch dick into her pussy. We fucked and fucked until we both came. Being the gentleman that I am I let her come first and then I exploded.

The best part of the who experience is that I waited for the right person and we are married and have been for 8 years.


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