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Sex = Female
Where it happened = on the beach
Language = English
Refnum = 21819
well, let me start out by saying that it was quiet an interesting experience. It was the beginning of the summer and i was at my cottage with a bunch of friends. we heard of this party on the beach so we decided that we wanted to go. My friends and I met this group of guys and they were all extremely good looking. But there was this one guy in particular that drove me crazy....I had to have him!! We started talking and flirting...we were both drinking I forgot to add. Then he asked me if i wanted to go on a walk, and of course i was all for it!! we walked down the beach for quiet a bit and then we stopped. he grabbed me and we started kissing......he was such a good kisser and he was making me extremely horny!! we started fooling around and then he started to undo my pants and we slowly made our way to the ground and before i knew it he was inside of hurt at first but after awhile it was all good. it was really wild and i maybe shouldn't of done it but i couldn't resist. it was also a little weird seeming that we were lying in was really messy. when it was over we exchanged phone numbers.......we still talk till this day but i do have a new boyfriend who i'm very much in love with and now i can say that "making love" is so much better then pardon my language "fucking" i guess i do kind of regret having my first time with someone i didn't love but deep down inside i loved every minute of it!!! and that ladies and gentlemen was my first time.


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