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Cock Sucker

Sex = Male
Where it happened = Friends House
Language = English
Refnum = 21113
My friend called me one night and said his parents were
on holiday and he was having a party. So I went round with some friends
and we all got very drunk. About 3am in the morning my freinds went home but I couldn't walk
I was so pissed, so Darren suggested that I stayed in his bed and he would sleep
in his parents bed. I agreed. He helped me up the stairs
and I slumped on his bed and he went into his mums room. About 1 hour later I heard the door opening
so I opened my eyes slightly to see who it was. It was Darren, he walked over to the bed, he had just his boxers on
and I noticed that he had an enormous erection bulging through them, this sort of tuned me on and I started to get hard.
I think he noticed my bulge because he couldn't take his eyes off my crotch. He asked me if I was asleep, I didn't reply because I did
not want him to know I was awake. He then said, "you can't sleep fully clothed, I will help you get undressed" he then proceede to remove my trianers, then he work his way up to my waist
I had a really big hardon at this point and he was stairing at it. he then slowly, as not to wake me, started to unbutton my jeans. He pulled them down slowly just leaving me in my boxer shorts.
My cock was nearly bursting out at this point, and I just thought he was going to go back to bed, but he didn't.
He sat on the bed next to me ans touched my bulge through my boxers, it felt kind of strange but very nice so I didn't stop him. He then pulled off my boxers leaving me totally naked.
My cock was stood up fully and very hard now. he placed his hand round it and started to jerk me off slowly and firmly, it felt great. he then stopped and bent over and placed my cock in his mouth and started to suck on it.
It was heaven, I cum in his mouth after about 2 minutes, he drank the lot. He then stood up at the side of the bed and pulled down his boxers shorts infront of my face. he exposed his cock, it was massive, it must
have been at least 10 inches long, He then started to jerk himself off really fast infront of me. I was still prentending to be asleep, but I wanted to see what it tasted like. So with my eyes closed I opened my mouth.
Literally about two seconds later I felt his cock entering my mouth, I could feel it stretching my mouth as he tried to squeeze it in, eventually he got most of it in I thought I was going to gag but I didn't. He then started to fuck my mouth as I sucked
on his massive cock. This lasted about 5 minutes then I felt his cum shoot from his cock into my mouth, it throbbed about 10 times, I drank it all and he removed his dick. he then looked over at my cock again. It was now hard again, so he gave me another one which was even better than the first.

Untill this day he still thinks I was asleep. Every time i stay over at his house now, I prentend to asleep, and true enough he does it to me every time, it's great.

You beat a massive cock.

Cock Sucker

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