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he treated me as a slut!!

Sex = Female
Where it happened = his house
Language = English
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he was a 24 yrs old guy, i was 15. he had been my boy friend for 1 year already.
he always wanted to have sex with me after we had been together for 2 month, but
i rejected. During my birthday, we went out to have a nice dinner. afterward, he
suggested that we should rent a movie, i said, "it is ok!!"
then he got a adult movie, at first i am so embarassed but
he convinced me to watch it, so we watched it together.
the movie is so awesome to me, the couple is playing 69, then the
guy is fucking her. igot wet ,and i really want to try it .
by the way, iwas in his house and his cousin(22 years old)
is there too. suddenly, his hand is touching my tits and said"
do u want to be that bitch in that video?" i said" your cousin is here,
it is no good" "we can go to my bedroom"
at that time i felt i really want to try it cos the couple from
the movies seemed really enjoyed.
so we went to his bedroom, then he took off my shirts and dress
then he took off my bras and underwear,
he said" ok suck my cock!!" "but i don't know how?"
"just suck and lick it!!" at that time he looks really crazy and mad
i was a kind of scared and i did that!!
As i was suckin and licking his dick , he said" cool, good
my slut, suck it and clean it with your dirty tongue, tonite
i will devirgin u!!"
then he pulled me over and said," let me fuck u!!"
then his 12 in penis was rubbing on my pussy, i can't stand it
anymore" please pump your dick in... i can't stand anymore!!"
"it will hur r u sure? once i get in, i won't stop even u beg
, i will fuck u until i cum!!" "i don't mind, please!!"
then" he forced his huge dick into my tight virgin pussy, it
hurts!!! " oh please stop, i can't take it, it is too huge!!"
" bitch, i warn u already!! i won't stop until my hot cum go
into your pussy" then he kept on pumping me and i kep screaming!!
" oh god !! please oh it hurt!!" "it hurts!! cool screaming comon
u bitch!!! i fuck u to dead"
then his cousin walked in and said" wow, u r fucking her!! cool
she looks so wonderful, can i join?" i said," no i don't want
to be a slut" my boyfriend said" comon, i fuck u , u can suck his dick
he doesn't need to fuck u, it is ok, just suck his dick!!"
then i started sucking his dick, and my boyfriedn is fucking m
then his cousin said" um, it is so cool, i like oral sex!!
but i also like anal sex!!", my boyfriend said," ok u can stick
ur dick into her asshole!!" i said" no, it hurts!!"
my boyfriend said" comon, he didn't fuck u , he just want to
leave his dick in your asshole, it doesn't mean he fuck u,"
then he pumped his dick in my asshole," wow it is so great,
this hole is much smaller, it is so tight cool,"
after 25 minutes, they both cum, one in my pussy and one in my
asshole, they don't use condom.
after this, i had sex with both, we tried anal,oral, and sm
after 3 monthes my boyfriend dumped me cos he got another chick
18 years old with 39 D,24, 37 compared with my bodies(34b,23,34)
of course he liked another one, but i stilled have sex with his cousin
he told me sometimes he had sex with my ex's girlfriend!!
and i also have sex between me my ex's new girlfriend and my cousin for
over twenty times!!! they all treat me as a slut, i like it
until now i have 3 boyfriend and i had sex with them together for
over 10 times!!

he treated me as a slut!!

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