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Sex = Female
Where it happened = in the barn
Language = English
Refnum = 20550
It was summer time and i was spending time with my grand mother.They live on a small farm and have several barns,which i like to go to and help feed the pigs and other animals.Their neghbor came over while i was in the barn which was a 18 year old guy and very hot.We continued to talk and mess with the animals.I had on shorts and a halter top.He tried to kiss me but i kept moving away from him but he cornered me and we kissed and i really enjoyed it.While we we were kissing he felt of my tits which are 34 b At first i wanted to stop him but just couldn.t.He took off my top and started kissing and sucking my tits and it felt like a live wire was running throughmy body.I have never experienced a orgasm before and i was really enjoying it. He finally got my shorts and panties down while i got his pants down also. I was relevied that his dick wasn't real large it was probably around 5 inches long.he fingered my clit and i stroked his hard on till he stopped me.He continued to rub me till i thought i was going to pass out it felt so good. He put a rubber on his dick and we layed down in the hay and i had my first sexual experience it was great and never really hurt that much.We did it 2 more times while i stayed with my grandmother.


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