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our first blow job

Sex = Male
Where it happened = my bedroom
Language = English
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My new girlfriend liked sex but at first she recoiled when I asked her to suck my penis during foreplay. I knew it was fun from a date with another girl. I didn't want a blow job. I thought a blow job sounded like a kind of masturbation. Finally my girlfriend tried one quick suck, her first. My penis stretched her lips and pushed down her tongue. "Nice," I said when she came back up.

It turned her on (me, too). From then on she sucked my penis every chance she had. But only for foreplay. Usually we couldn't spend nights together. One time when we did, I awoke in the middle of the night to find her sucking on me. "I wanted to see if I could get it up while you were asleep," she said. She had succeeded so we screwed with it. Later I wondered how long she would have continued if I stayed asleep. Maybe was trying for a blow job incognito that I might think was a wet dream.

We tried 69. It took an effort to keep both ends of myself in position. My erect penis kept popping out of her mouth. Once she worked harder to hold it in. For me that felt very nice down below and I continued licking her clit. Suddenly I realized I was coming. It was a gentle ejaculation. My girlfriend's lips and tongue stopped moving and then she started sucking again. What happened was, when my semen squirted into her mouth she paused in surprise and then decided she should let me finish.

She ran to the bathroom and spat it out. "That was interesting," I said when she returned.

"Don't do it again," she replied but she was good-natured: "I knew I was risking that." She grimaced. "Pure salt!" she said, meaning the taste.

That was my first blow job and hers, too. As you can see, it was accidental. She still sucked on me as usual before screwing or just for fun but no more orgasms. Then one afternoon we shared our first deliberate blow job.

We were cuddling and getting ready to screw. She had an idea. She said, "Enter me for a while so I have some fun, and then stop and wash off and I'll take you in my mouth."

"Okay," I agreed. We stood and kissed while I fondled her nipples. Then she sat me on the edge of the bed and knelt between my knees. She drew my penis into her mouth. I felt the warmth spreading from the tip of my penis throughout my groin.

She started me coming. Minding her request for vaginal pleasuring I said, "You'd better stop soon." Instead she kept sucking my penis to signal me that she wanted me to go ahead. Coming more strongly, I asked her, "You're sure?"

"Mm-hmm," she replied nasally, continuing.

It took more sucking for me to come fully. "Get ready," I panted. She squeezed my thigh to tell me okay, she was ready, so get on with it. She thought that since I pissed and got erect obediently, that I could come by willpower, too. Finally my semen came into my penis and I ejaculated. She squeezed my thigh again. After I finished she got up and gargled with my semen on her way to the sink, just walking this time.

our first blow job

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