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1st blowjob

Sex = Female
Where it happened = bunkbed
Language = English
Refnum = 14360
this is the story of the first blowjob i ever gave.
one day i was helping my friend write a paper for class,
and he was typing at the computer while I was giving him
a massage. He has such a nice body; I couldn't resist
rubbing more than massaging his chest and then further down
to his abs. He didn't say anything, but i could see his
erection bulging in his pants. suddenly he just grabbed
my hand as it was nearing his waistband and pulled me into
his lap. i straddled him and gave him a very passionate
kiss. He rubbed my crotch through my jeans and skillfully
removed my bra beneath my shirt. for a long while he kissed
and fondled my breasts until i got impatient and stood up,
dragging him towards the bed. I pushed him onto the bed and
crawled in after him. I felt down his pants and released
his throbbing 6 incher from his pants and began to jerk him
off. He moaned my name in pleasure and cried out that he
loved it. i slid down until his hard on was staring me in
the face and gently licked the tip. Feeling bolder, I took
the head in my mouth and began to move it up and down in my
mouth. He gasped softly and grabbed the shaft and began to
masturbate himself. the idea of a man jerking himself into
my mouth was driving me crazy, so i deep throated him as far
as i could without gagging and slid my tongue around the
base of his penis. He was practically crying from pleasure
and his skin was like liquid heat. He gently stroked my
hair as i slurped on his erection, then dug his fingers
gently into my hair and guided my lips on his shaft. soon i
felt him twitching and guessed that the end was near. He
whispered"come here, i'm going to come... i don't want to
blow in you rmouth"... i figured, why not? i think he just
didn't want to scare or disgust me. I stubbornly refused
to come up for air and instead sucked even harder. giving
in to the pleasure he squirmed and moaned as his penis
jerked and thrust with a mind of its own. finally, i felt
his control snap and he busted in my mouth, warm and wet
and salty. i sucked him dry and listened to him pant. i
swallowed everything he had to give me, then kissed his
stomach and gave him a sexy smile. he gasped out "i cant
believe you just did that!". what a naive moron. but he
tasted pretty good - i blew him many times in hte following
months but nothing was as good as his surprised pleasure
that first time.

1st blowjob

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