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Sex = Female
Where it happened = My friends house
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My first time having sex was the most memorable day of my life.
My friend cousin named Rochelle liked me and she wanted me to tap that ass bad.
One day I was at their house and she told me she wanted me to fuck her like she's never been fucked before.
The only problem was we could'nt do it that day because my friends parents were there. So, we set it up for the next day.
It was about 10:00 my friend called me and sayed she was ready for me.
I went in the bathroom washed up, brushed my teeth and headed down the street to my friends house.
My friend opened the door and let me in, my friends all left the house.
Now it was just me and her, she was standing there with her pretty brown eyes and her more than beautiful legs,
with her ass looking as tender as a piece of steak ready to be eaten, I was ready to do this.
We started towards the room, "kissing" I laid her on the bed and started felling on her nice breasts while kissing.
Then I pulled her shirt and started to bite on her nipples, she started to moan and I was getting turned on so I started
to bite harder and she was loving it. After working on her nipples I went for her snatch and the only thing I knew about
eating pussy was what I seen on the movies. I went to work even though I was unexpereinced I still did a good job.
I pulled her pants and panties down and started to lick her nice pretty pussy. First, I took my tounge and licked on her huge
clit until she got all wet, next I took my mouth and stuck it completly over her pretty pink,
and stuck my tounge down her wet pussy hole this really turned her on.
She became so wet that I could'nt even eat it no more. So, I came off and she went on all fours and when she did that I
knew what was next, she unzipped my pants and started to carees my cock until it got so hard that it would'nt even jump.
After rubbing all over my cock she took it and shoved it into her mouth. She went back and fourth on it
like it was a big stick ice cream pop. She sucked and sucked and sucked so hard that my knees were

Then time came I slipped a trojan condom over my nice hard cock and was ready to go inside for the
first time. I laid her down on the bed on her back and slid my nice hard throbing cock into her snatch.
She froze for a while then she started to move, I was going up and down into her pretty pink
just loving the feeling of that wet,furry, tempting,pussy, being on my dick.
I pulled it out she went to all four and I went behind her and shoved my 81/2' cock
inside her nice warm pussy. That nice big pretty ass just slapping aganist my thighs and I was just
loving it stroking back and foward she was moaning and groaning she was really loving
it to.I was at the peak of orgasim she wasn't "being that she had came about six times
already" I was ready to cum and cum hard.
I pulled out of her loving snacth and put cum all over her stomach yelling,"all baby" that was the best feeling I've ever
had in my life my first nut and my first sexual experience.


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