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Nude Beach Orgy

Sex = Male
Where it happened = Nude Beach
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I was at a rather secluded beach in Hawaii last month, and noticed that several of the women lying down on the sand weren't wearing their bikini tops. Well, this was an obvious turn on for me, being the ripe age of 18 and more than ready to have sex with any willing woman. Well, I decided to get a closer look at the girls, and walked right nearby where they were taking in the sun.
As I approached a group of three natives (I could tell by their deeply tanned bodies) I couldn't help staring at the fullest set of tits I had ever seen on a girl. I was so distracted that I tripped over their icechest, almost knocking over one of their umbrellas. When I raised my head from the sand, it nearly collided with the beautiful set of tits that caused the accident! It took me a moment to raise my head to make eye contact with the girl, and when I finally caught a glimpse of the rest of her body!!! Oh man, she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen!! I couldn't take my eyes off this girl, and she kept eye contact with me, giving me a seductive grin. The two other girls giggled, breaking my concentration and causing me to look in their direction...and my god, they were just as beautiful as the first! While I was looking over their luscious bodies, the girl near me noticed that I had cut myself, and helped me to a secluded nearby rock, where she began to rub the cut on my leg with a small towel. It wasn't long before the other girls came over to help out...
Well, my mind was everywhere but the small cut on my leg, and apparently it didn't interest these girls much either. One climbed behind me and began massaging my back, and her breasts just happened to be rubbing against my neck at the same time. The other girl simply went to sit down next to me, wrapping one leg over mine as she did so. And the girl that had been tending to my wounded leg began kissing my thigh!! Well I'm sure they all noticed the huge bulge that was throbbing inside my shorts..they made a group effort of taking my shorts off, and then decided to get naked as well. Oh man, this was blowing my mind!! Everything was so dream like from this point on...They each took turns kissing and sucking on my cock, and having me lick their nipples in the meantime. We finally moved on to fucking when one of the girls put her perfect pussy in front of my face, letting me lick it for just a few seconds before lowering herself onto my lap and sucking my cock up with that tight cunt! She rode me nice and slow, but I came in no time with the other girls shoving their tits and asses into me! I moved on to another of the girls, shoving my throbbing cock into her cunt from behind as she stood with her legs spread out. During this fuck session, I had my ass licked by the other girls, and I came again in just a few minutes. I decided to move on to the one last beauty that I hadn't yet fucked, so I laid down on the sand and told her to mount me backwards. She did this, while another sat upon my chest, and the last squatted upon my face..they made out with each other while I was eating delicious tropical pussy and getting fucked by a perfect 10!! I was so exhausted by this point that I thought I was going to faint, so I simply let them go on and have their way with me. Well, they each took turns fucking me, sucking my cock, and rubbing their sweaty bodies against mine....
Well, when they finally had enough of my cock, I looked up and it was dark out. We had been fucking for at least 6 hours!! I was so weak by this point that they had to help me up and put my shorts back on me. My cock felt like it had been through war and barely made it out alive!!

Nude Beach Orgy

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