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How this wet pussy been fucked

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I was always had the fantasy for my brother in law (my sister's husband)
My sister is a nurse and always on night shift. When she was not around, she will asked me to take care of the children.
One night, when she was on duty. I slept with all my niece and nephew (3) It was heavy rained and stormed. When I was sleeping
suddenly I felt that someone is caressing my breast. I know it must be my brother in law because he is the only one at home beside us.
I felt he slowly pulled up my night shirt ( I slept without bra) and sucked my nipple. wow! I started to feel excited and my pussy was starting
to wet and really need his cock to fuck me. But i just pretended to sleep and he took my pant off and licked my wet pussy, he sucked my clit and
kissed my lips just liked my boyfriend french me, with his tongue going around my labia and at the same timed ate and drank all my juice. This timed
i Cannot stand anymore, I said to him, please fuck me but as all my niece and nephew were sleeping nearby so he pull me down from the bed and
he started to put his really huge cock inside my wet and throbbing pussy.
He fucked me and sucked my breast. The rained getting heaviear and our fucking rythem were also getting hard.
After that he fucked me like a doggy and that night my pussy have been licked, sucked and fucked almost 5 times.

Since that night, my brother in law had always find a way to fuck me, just like me I had always missed his huge cock.
sometime in the noon, i escaped from school and go home and he also take leave and we make love the hold afternoon.
He would lay me down on the table and licked my pussy then fucked me like a dog.
He really liked to lick my pussy and sometimes he will take an hour just for my pussy bussiness before he fuck it hard.

while i am writting now, he is under the table licking and sucking all the juice
from my pussy..oh.. i cannot stand anymore. pussy need to be fucked now..

Fuck me!Fuck me lick my pussy and suck my tit oh!

How this wet pussy been fucked

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