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Sex = Female
Where it happened = In House
Language = English
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I am Lim Chin Ping.I want to relate a story about me and
my fiancee Hwei Ching....
This happened when CP bumped into HC.Once they saw each other,the fell in love.....
After several weeks of flirting,CP decided to masturbade
with HC...She agreed
So one on Friday night,HC invited CP to her house for as
usual the late show.CP agreed and went to her house sharp at 10pm.
After he arrived,HC was so excited so she asked CP whether he wants to ...(u know lahh)
He said goodddd....
He can't believe that this his happening.His dreams finally came true..Once HC stripped naked,CP's dick started to stim(sorree wrong spelling).HC went to CP and unzipped his Kikilala jeans.She continued to pull down his underwear.
So she started sucking CP's dick until CP reached his climax and decided to start fucking her.He french kissed her as he grab hold of HC's bare breast.He started to suck her nipples until HC told him Fuck Me Fuck Me NOw!!!
CP without delaying,slid his tongue into HC's pussy.Suddenly the fluids started to flow like a dripping faucet..
CP now stuff's his damn dick into her pussy and started to pump cum into her.HC is moaning Deeper ,Deeper!!!CP said I like your hot,tight pussy.At first,HC was
moaning in pain but after a few minutes she started to enjoy it....
When the cum is about to shoot out..Cp quickly pull out his dick and put it in HC's mouth for her to suck the dick clean.Then she sperms started flowing out of her mouth.
She started swallowing it all up..and said that was great!!!!!!!

By KAi muN

Porno King

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