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My first time was last week with a girl from school. We just started school and were divided into groups of two to do a project for a class. I was put with this girl who was so extremely gorgeous. She invited me over to work on our project after school that day. I went to her place and there was no one there but her. She said that there wouldn't be anyone home until about 5 hours later. Anyway we worked on it in her room and after a few minutes of laying on the bed with her i started rubbing her back, which she seemed to like. I sat on her ass and rubbed her back for like ten minutes and then layed down against her and breathed on her neck while I was rubbing her shoulders and she could feel me poking against her ass. She said that she could feel me and that I was hard. She rolled around and asked if she could go down on me. I said hell yeah. She took my jeans down and started sucking on me like she was my girlfriend or something. After about two minutes I came in her mouth, and she just kept going and wouldnt stop. I couldnt control myself so I stripped her clothes off and shoved my dick in her pussy. she was really tight and it was really hard getting into her but finally i did and i rammed in and out of her for like fifteen minutes and shot my wad inside her. It was my first and I loved it. Now we have fucked three more times in the last 5 days.


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