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Sex = Male
Where it happened = Friends Place
Language = English
Refnum = 12726
What happened was, My friend's sister, Michelle, (Who I had never heard of in my life) said to me, That she wants to go out with me. So Being the smart guy I am, I said OK.

So we went to her room and started kissing. Then all of a instantly I got a hard-on. She said that I sould lay down on her bed. So that's what I did. She started undressing herself. She let me take off her bra and panties.

She unzipped mu pants and whipped out my cock. and started sucking as hard as she could. Then all of a sudden, I shot a load in her. She said it was real good. Then she sat on my cock and jammed it in her pussy, and I started pumping away. She had about 2 orgasims that night.

After we fucked, we went down-stairs to join the rest of the party. The party sucked after what happened up-stairs.

I still see Michelle to this day, and we fuck about 3 times a month.


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