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stiff pecker

Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: friends house
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

Ome summer when I was 16, I met this really sexy 15 year old girl. I was over at my friend Jim’s house waiting for him to get home from a ballgame.

I was on his front porch. Someone came out the door and I looked around to see Jim’s sister Jill standing there watching me. She said Hi!, do you want to come in and wait for Jim? Okay, I said and followed her through the door. We sat in the living room exchanging small talk for awhile.

After about 10 minutes Jill asked if I wanted to see her room. I guess so, was my timid reply. I followed her down the hall and she stopped at the second door and said this is it and we walked in. She closed the door behind us and snapped the lock.

Have you ever seen a girl naked, she asked? Not really, I’ve never had the opportunity. Now you have, she replied. I’ll show you a naked girl. She began taking off her clothes one at a time, starting with her blouse. I gasped as I saw her big tits covered by her bra. Then she asked me to unfasten the snap on the back of her bra. I did as she asked and two of the loveliest titties fell out of her bra. The were standing straight out and had large stiff nipples.
How do you like them, she cooed? They’re really nice,I replied, can I touch them. If you want to, she said, but don’t sqeese them too hard and hurt me. I won’t, I muttered, can I taste them too, I asked. Okay, she murmured, but don’t bite the nipples, just suck on them. I was in heaven as I fondled her breasts with my hands and sucked her sweet tender nipples.

Next she pulled her skirt down over her hips and let it drop to her ankles. She stepped out of it and then put her fingers on the henm of her pink panties and lowered them to her ankles, she stepped out of them and tossed them into the corner. You’re beautiful, I stammered. Do you want me to undress so you can see a naked boy, I asked. Yes! Yes! she cried, I’ll bet you have something to show me too. Sure do I replied, I’ve been waiting for a girl to shw it to.

I removed my shirt quickly, tossing it onto the floor, undid my belt and owered my pants to the floor and stepped out of them. What is that sticking out inside your shorts, she coyly asked. My boner had been getting stiffer as I had watched her disreobe and was aching to be released. That’s my manhood and it gets hard when excited by a girl, I replied. She said Oh Goody, and reached over and grabbed the top of my boxers and pulled them down quickly. Out bounced, old Homer, in all his glory. That’s a really big one she purred, can I touch it? Go ahead, I invited her, it’s never felt a girls hands before. She grabbed around the shaft and started to stroke it up and down. Some dropplets of clear liquid started to ooze out of the end.
Jill giggled and said, what’s that coming out of the end?
Oh that’s something that happens when my pecker gets rubbed, I replied. Can I taste it, she murmured? Okay, but don’t bite my dickie and hurt it. Oh I wont’t she replied, it’s too pretty to hurt. She kneeled down in front of me and lifted my cock to her lips. Her tongue darted out and licked the drops of pre cum off the end. It tastes really good she cooed and then wrapped her lips around the end of my cock and started licking around under the edge of my crown. I squirmed a little and let out a low moan. Does that feel good, she asked? Really terrific, I replied through my clenched teeth, please don’t stop.
She continued to lick and suck on my knob all the while moving her clenched hand up and down the shaft of my penis.
The pleasureable feeling in my cock and balls began to increase as she continued. Then it happened, a bolt of lightening shot up my spine. I arched my back and pushed deeper into her mouth. I started trembling as I shot a huge load of my white cream into her mouth muttering, I;m Cumming, I’m cumming. She looked up into my eyes smiling and said, you really taste good and swallowed every drop and licked my pecker clean.

Now I’l show you how a girl looks between her legs and lay down on the bed and spread her legs wide. She had a little patch of red hair around her pussy. She reached down with her hands and spread her pussy lips. That’s really pretty, I muttered, and it’s so pink and moist. Would you like to taste it, she coyly asked? Can I? I stammered? Yes, please do she replied. I kneeled down beside the bed, replaced her hands with mine, and spread the pussy lips wider. I them moved my face into her crotch and began licking her pussy lips, first one side and then the other. OOOH, that really feels nice she murmured, will you lick in between them too? I did as she asked and she begged me to continue licking as it felt so good. Do you like how I taste, she asked? I really do I replied, it’s like honey. I kept liking and sucking her until she arched her hips and pushed her groin against my mouth and started to sudder as she came into my mouth. Her honey nectar was the sweetest thing I had ever tasted. She was making funny cooing sounds as she completed having her orgsm.

Now, climb up and cuddle with me she murmured. I did what she asked and it felt so good to have such a lovely and sexy woman in my arms. We kissed and could taste each other’s juices on our mouths. After a little while, she reached down and started to handle my limp penis. It started to rise to the occasion as soon as she touched it and in no time I had a raging hardon again. Oops! it looks like you’re rady again, would you finger my pussy to get me in the mood? Okay, I replied and reached down between her legs and put my fingers into her stroking gently. I was anso sucking on her nipples too. She started to grind against my fingers and stroke my cock faster and faster.
We’d better slow down a little, she said, I don’t want you to cum before you’re inside of me. Really, I gasped, are you going to let me fuck you? You betcha, she said, I want to feel your big beautiful pecker in my girl hole.

At that, she rolled ontoher back, spread her legs and cried, come on big boy, stick it to me. She hands reached down and she spread her pussy lips wide. I got up on my stiffened arms like I was going to do a push up and pointed my throbbing cock at her pussy, her hand grabbed it and pulled it inside her. That feels so good, she murmured, now go for it boy. I started to pump my massive cock in and out of her warm moist pussy, It felt soo good and was really warm and comfy. I went slowly at first but began picking up the pace as a pleasureable feeling began to increase. She bucked her hip a couple of times and then her pussy lips tightened on my prick. It felt soo good. She began trembling and murmured, I’m cumming, I’m cumming. At that my back arched again, and that lightening feeling surged in my spine. Then I erupted a stream of my hot cream into her body, it came again and again in spurts of sheer pleasure. I groaned loudly as I completed my orgasm. Then I fell on top of her and we rolled over on to our sides, cuddling again in each others arms. Her lips found mine and she kissed me deeply again and again and let out a soft sigh. You really make me soo happy and are a really good lover. Same for me I said. I didn’t know a girl could make a guy feel soo good.

She smiled and cooed, now you’ll have to come over more often, when Jim’s not home, and show me your stuff. I will, I promised.

After awhile, we got up and went into the bathroom. We showered together and toweled each other dry. We got dressed and no sooner than we returned to the living room, Jim came bounding into the front doow. Boy! what a great game. Have you been waiting long? Not too long, I replied. Your sister Jill kept me entertained. Little did he know what kind of entertainment I was referring to. Jill smiled at my comment to Jim. WOW ! that is some sexy girl, I thought.

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