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Stepmom,Best Friend,Double Cross

Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: Encino, CA.
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Well… I have never told anyone this secret, and would probably loose everything I have in life today, if I named names because of who this person is. But the experience left a mark on me that I can not erase from my mind, or rid myself of the guilt this dirty deed left behind.

When I was 18, I lived in a very affluent part of California and made many friends. My best friend who I will call Molly for now, was the child of two divorced parents whose father because of Mollys decision, had full custody of her for the summer. They lived in an unbelievable home with California views, seperate quarters, and in-door out-door pool.On one particular afternoon, Molly drove back home unexpectedly, to pick up backstage passes she forgot for a show we were to attend that night.We were all in her car getting buzzed when she came out of the house with a look on her face that freaked everyone out. She was so nerve racked, our friend X had to drive us to the show. In the back seat, Molly threw her head back in tears.I could see them flowing down the side of her face,but she would’nt tell me or anyone more about what had happened. Actually she did’nt say anything until after the band started playing their first song. What I was able to make out in between the sound from the stage, and the crowd, was she had caught her stepmom fucking some black guy in the pool.

When the night had ended, and Molly dropped everyone home, she confided that she hated her stepmom for breaking up her family, and that she never trusted her from the outset, but acted as if she liked her for the sake of her dad who she loved very much. She said she suspected something a while back when her father had left on tour, and her car was in the shop. She said she could here moaning coming from the direction of her fathers bedroom, but dismissed it as a strong wind, and went back to sleep.

Feeling somewhat obligated to help my dear friend at that moment and also touched by her feelings, I suggested a plan to her to seek revenge, but more importantly, get rid of her stepmom for good. She immediately developed this weird look on her face, and told me she was’nt going to do anything crazy like trying to kill her. I reassured her that all I wanted to do was get some real proof for her to give to her dad because without it, he would never believe her, and may even send her back to her mother. So I told her I had a camcorder that I had shot some film projects with, and we should try and catch this bitch wide open on video. She laughed and said “yeah that would drive a spike right up her ass”. But then she asked curiously, how she could get me positioned and hidden at the right moment and time to get good footage.I told her I would think of something and call her in the morning.

The next morning I had it. She would wait until her father had another trip out of town, and plan a weekend trip back home. The night before, I would slip into the house and into her mothers huge linen closet at the foot of the bed. We summized that she was going out to pick up this bastard, and bringing him back because his car was not in the driveway the night she peeped them out in the pool. What I would do as I explained further was when her stepmom left the house, I would sneek into her bedroom and wait, get the footage and sneek out when they went to sleep. Well, the plan went just as I explained with one exception. Her dad never found out.

After I got the tape home, I rushed to my room and popped it in the VCR. All I could do was sit there and stare at this big black penis buried in this black forest of a pussy. Back then you know, women did’nt shave that often, and I could see her dark patch had grown clear down and into her asshole that was barely visible until he forced his penis into her rectum. She was taking all of him to with no problem, on her back, without a flinch. At that moment, you can imagine where my hand was. Anyway, I finished jerking off, and decided then and there, I could not give this video to Molly, because I now wanted to fucked her stepmom, and decided right then and there, I would use the tape to blackmail her into giving me what I wanted. Man talk about a fucking rush just from the thought. But I was 18, and had everything I wanted.I had already tapped some of the prime local cherrys, but had never fucked an older women. At that moment going through with the plan or our friendship never crossed my mind. For this, I am truly sorry.

But it went like this. On the day Molly asked me about the video, I told her I spent the night in that closet waiting but saw nothing. Over the next few weeks, I ran that tape over and over again in my room, watching every single special detail. When I was away from viewing it, I could not think of anything else, and walked around for weeks with a constant hard-on until one particular day I decided to approach Mollys stepmom. Now I know what dogs in heat feel like. Any, Molly had gone home for the weekend, and the father was away again. It was just before dark one Saturday night, and I could see through the window, that Mollys stepmom was home alone, and had settled in on the huge leather sofa in the living room in her nightgown. Remember this was a big home with lots of open views. So with the tape in tow, I wrang the doorbell, and waited for her to answer. I had never done anything like this before, and the sweat was pouring off of my head like you would’nt believe. My palms were soaked, and my shirt looked like I had fallen in the pool. When the door opened she had a surprised look on her face as if she knew I should have known Molly was’nt there. Instead of calling me on it,she invited me in, and asked if everything was ok. When I assured her I was fine, she asked me if I wanted something to drink and I said yes. As she went to the kitchen,never mentioning Molly, I decided I would pop the video into the VCR so I would’nt have to do a lot of explaining about what I brought and why. When she came back with a soda, I sat down beside her. Again she asked if everything was alright and this time I said no, everything is not ok. “Whats wrong, she asked”. After taking a huge gulp of soda and swallowing hard, I took a deep breath, and decided to come out with goods.”You are what is wrong Mrs X”, I explained. “What do you mean honey”? As the sweat started pouring from my brow again, I told her,” You are cheating on my best friends father”. If you could have seen her expression, you’d think he was standing right there listening.”What do you mean I’m cheating on Mollys father”, she said. “I saw you with my own eyes with that black guy last month”. ” What black guy” is how she responded, “and who the hell are you to tell me how to live my life you little shit”. ” You fucking liar, get the hell out of my house” was what she said. Clutching her gown, she jumped to her feet and rushed to let me out but I halted her in her tracks by telling her, ” I’ve got proof”.I could feel the spit in my mouth trying to dry up on me, so I reached down for a swig of soda and another deep breath. Then I told her again,”I’ve got proof and I brought it tonight to show Mollys dad. “Where”, she said. “I don’t see anything”?

I then beckoned for her to come sit down, and I picked up the video remote and pressed play. ” I managed to blurt out “there, there’s your proof bitch”. “Is that your face in your bedroom with that same gown on fucking that black guy?” I wish you could have seen the look on her face when I said that. My heart was beating so fast, I could see it jumping through my soaked shirt. It was draining all of the blood from every part of my body. Even my penis went into hiding. As a matter of fact at that minute, I thought to myself, I could’nt fuck her now, even if my life depended on it. Just then she climaxed on film, and let out a howl that made me laugh to myself. “You little bastard she said, I bet Molly put you up to this”,as she frantically lit up a cigarette. “You motherfucker” was all she said as she put her face in her hands and began to cry. It was then that I decided to stop the video and take it out of the camcorder. As I headed for the door to give her some space, she jumped to her feet again and asked me where I was going with that tape. I told her it was mine, and I was going home.” Oh no she said as she bolted for the door to stop me. “Give me that fucking tape you bastard”. “Its private and none of your business what I do with my life” she said. I told her she was married, and what she did was a part of the family’s life”. I was pouring the shit on heavy because I wanted her good and weak. As she approached me, I stood my ground but all she wanted was the tape. So we began to struggle for the tape right there in the grand foyer but she was’nt getting that tape away from me. Then, as if the blood decided to rush to my brain and help me out, I got the idea that if she thought this was the only copy, she might take it and not fuck me that night. This I could’nt chance because the window of opportunity was then and there. So I decided give it to her. But I told her I had another copy but we could talk about what I wanted to give her the other one. “What do you mean what you want”? I told her we could work something out and no one would ever have to know if she wanted to. “Are you trying to blackmail me” is what she asked at the top of her voice. I started looking around because I thought the black guy might be there hiding, and she might be signaling him to come out and kick my ass. Oh Shit!
But she confirmed my suspicion by asking me, “What are you looking around for,is that bitch Molly here too”? “No I said, “she’s gone”. “Is that guy here”? “No”, she said. “But if he was here, I’m sure he would try to kill you”.”So what do you want”, she asked again. Just then I got the heart I had in my room when I decided to put this little scam together. I thought to myself, she’ll do it because she came from nothing, and won’t want to loose all of this. So I told her, “I promise, I’ll give you the other copy if you do what I want”. Her expression started to change into a smirk as if she could read my mind, and she asked me, “so what do you want to do, fuck me to”? Those words entered my head, shot down to my cock, and well you know the rest. “You want to fuck Molly’s mom huh”? “Yeah” was what I said loosing total faculty of my prep school upbringing and tact. ” I want to fuck Molly’s mom” and having said that,proceeded to walk towards her and unzip my pants cock was a respectable 7″ and by the time I got to her, it had grown to its full complement. “Suck my cock” I told her.”And Suck it like you were sucking that guy’s dick for him”. At my request, she immediately fell to her knees and put my penis in her mouth holding it with one hand, and cupping my balls with the other. It was feeling so good, I almost lost sight of the fact that we were standing in her living which was visible from the sidewalk outside. So I immediately pushed her away,and took her hand to lead her upstairs to her bedroom. When we arrived, I tok off all of my cloths but told her to just stand there. I layed on the bed, and started jerking off at the sight of her in her nightgown. When I came, I made her come over and lick it off of my stomach and my balls. I was going to have my way with this bitch I decided right then and there,and she was going do what ever I told her. Remember the window of opportunity. So I told her to get dressed because she always dressed sexy, and I wanted her the way I saw her everyday when she went out. So I told her exactly what I wanted her to put on. The miniskirt she wore to our cookout last month, a pair of black pantyhose, the black halter top, and nothing else. As she proceeded to get these things out of her closet, I began stroking myself in anticipation of what was forthcoming. When she was fully dressed, I made her come over to the bed and sit down beside me.I told her to give me a kiss and she did warmly with her lips and tongue. “She stopped though, and said I was crazy for pulling this shit on her”, but I must really want her if I was willing to go to these lengths. I just looked at her put my hand between her legs with one hand, and pulled her back on the bed. I could feel the huge mound of hair encased between the pantyhose and her pussy, and decided to take the plunge. As I pushed her skirt up around her stomach, she layed back and opened her legs to give my head better access. Man the aroma from her sweat and perfume made my dick painful to contend with, but still I ate her pussy until I could see the cream begin to run into her stocking crotch. It was at this moment that she began to moan and push my head further down into her bush. I must have been on it for a long time, because I could feel my tongue’s texture start to change from all of the friction her nylons created. So I stopped and wiped my mouth off on the way up to her halter, and pulled it down to suck on those hard nipples that were beckoning my attention. As I did this, I replaced my tongue with my cock between her legs, and began to grind her pussy as I bit at the base of her neck and held her hands. I really wanted to make love to her, and not just fuck her. I was at that age where I did’nt just need to cum. I wanted to feel needed to. So I began kissing her again and this time I stared deep into her eyes and asked if she really wanted this to happen. As she paused for a minute, she looked away and told me, she did’nt at first, but since I had put her in the mood, it was ok. But she reminded me that we had a deal, and she wanted the other copy. I reassured her I would give it to her and we embraced. She asked me if I wanted her to do anything else, and I told her I wanted to rub her back, and lick her asshole so she immediately turned over. Man the sight of her ass sticking up in the air in those pantyhse almost made me loose it. So I decided to slow down the pace and go for her feet that were hanging off of the bed. I wanted every part of her then and thought I had better go the limit because it would probably be hell getting her to do this again. So I put her toes in my mouth and began to suck each one gently. As I did this I slid my hands back up her skirt towards her black forest. I had seen hairy pussy before, but never a full bush like this. As I reached the length of my arms extension which ended right at her asshole, I began to feel each ass cheek through the sheer hose that encased her them. Licking her soles and heels until I reached her thighs, I tore a hole in her pantyhose large enough to fit my penis through at the point of her softness and where her ass hole peered through the forest. As I straddled her to put my penis in her pussy, she told me to fuck her in her ass, because that was where she was hot at. When she said those words I looked down at my penis and the head was beet red from anticipation. I almost fractured myself bendind it to fit through the stocking and down to her pussy to lubricate myself. I thought to myself I want to oblige her request but the sight of her pussy hair, is really getting to me. So as a compromise, I grabbed my cock and began to rub myself against her pubic hair, up and down feeling the moisture that was spreading up to her crack. I did this for a good 15 minutes placing my full wait on her back as I continued to rub my penis up and down her bush. Just then I got another idea as I told her. “Before I put it in your ass I want you to stand up. With a surprised look on her face as she thought I was ready to put it in, I told her to turn around. When she did, I moved in close to her from behind, and put my penis through the hole of her pantyhose, forcing myself between her legs. From the mirror, it looked like she had a cock on the bottom and a pussy on top. It really looked weird. Such was the look she gave me but I made her face forward and told her to start walking.” “Start walking” she asked curiously. “Yeah, I want you to walk and switch your ass like you do when your in public or coming in from your car, you know”,I said. As I held her close she followed my orders and man, the sensation was to much. She only took four or five steps snd we stumbled onto the bed laughing at each other. When the room got quiet, I began to kiss her neck again as my cock was still sandwiched between her thighs. Pulling myself out, I decided to fuck her up the ass and so began to rub my cock against the hair that covered it. When I found my spot, it only took one, maybe two attempts and I was home free, and deep within her limits. She pushed her ass in the air and began to bang back and forth until I could no longer stand it. As I shot my full discharge into her, she grabbed her pussy and began to rub her clit hard and fast until I heard her let out that howl again. Afterwards we passed out, and that was that. Later, when I woke up, she let me fuck her several times naked, and even put on two other outfits for me to feel her up in. I gave her the tape, and told her I had lied about the other copy and she had the only one. She begged me not to tell Molly which I promised I would’nt, and she told me she would not ever cheat on her husband again. We parted that night and saw each other in public many many times. To this day she remains happily married and both she and Molly have become inseperable. My only regret is that I betrayed my friend.

Thank you for this opportunity. It has helped me heal.

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