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Stepmom, Vickie

Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: Home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

My real Mother died 3 years ago from cancer, at age 37. Both my Dad and I were devastated. For nearly two years after her death, my Dad saw no one and pretty much stayed around the house. He’s a professor at our local University.Then, suddenly, he began dating a young lab assistant, who had been one of his students. She was 25. Everyone in our family, including myself, were completely dumbfounded. But, I certainly could understand the attraction. She was a beautiful young woman! Attractive face and gorgeous body. I remember the first time I met her when he brought her home. I actually got a hard on myself. Most of us thought it wouldn’t last — that it was just a fling on my Dad’s part, and that it would pass. But, when he announced 6 months later that they were going to be married, we all knew he was very serious about her.As for myself, I could not believe that this young lady was going to become my stepmother. Actually, after the wedding and their honeymoon, I never, ever thought of her as my stemother. To me, she was just “Vicky,” and that’s what my Dad and I both call her.At 40, my Dad was still very active and vigorous, and I could tell that his love-making with this new wife was very satisfying. I could hear them quite plainly since my room was just down the hall from theirs, and there was many a night I fell asleep after jacking off as I heard her moaning and even lightly screaming while they were making out. Naturally, there were times when I found myself alone with “Vicky” at our house, particular when my Dad had a Seminar to give on a Saturday, or something special going on in his department at the college. It was only about 6 months after they had married, when I went to take a shower in the one upstairs bathroom that we had, and I accidentally walked in on Vicky who had just gotten out of the shower, and she was stark naked. I was wearing some boxer shorts that I always wear to bed at night, and so that’s all I had on at the time. At the sight of “Vicky,” au naturale, my penis reacted immediately and came out the front entrance to my shorts. I started to apologize, but then realized that she, too, was aroused by the sight of my “love-maker” and we just stood there awhile, looking at each other. Then, I slipped out of my shorts and went over to her and embraced her. It was a crazy thing to do, but amazingly, she did not resist. I was 18 at the time and had all the attributes of a full-grown man. Nice chest (I exercized a lot), strong arms, strong legs, and a penis that I had once measured at 8-1/2 inches! That piece of manhood was now resting against her abdomen, while I kissed her neck and shoulders and then her mouth.Then I began kissing her beautiful breasts. Again, she did not resist. I said to myself, “Cory, this is wrong! Absolutely wrong, you’ve got to stop now while you can.” But I didn’t, and neither did she. The urge was too strong, and we ended up in my bed, where we made love for nearly an hour.It was my first real fuck! As I said before, I never really considered her to be my stepmom. To me,she was just “Vicky” — the beautiful young girl who was living with my Dad and me. After that initial sexual encounter, it was hard to stop. It had been so enjoyable. And it hasn’t stopped to this day. It’s been nearly a year now, and “Vicky” and I fuck fairly often. I feel very guilty at times, because I really like my Dad and respect him,but when “Vicky” and I are having sex, I just lose all sense of right and wrong and so does she. I know she still enjoys sex regularly with my Dad, because I can hear them very plainly several nights a week. Since she’s on birth control, I’ve never had to use protection with her, and she really moans and scream when I come inside her. She does love sex, and at least for now, is willing to share her beautiful bodty with both me and my Dad. I know it can’t last, and I should get a girlfriend of my own, but up until now, I just haven’t found the right person.Please don’t tell me this is incest. She is really no blood relative of mine, and we simply enjoy sex together.

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