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Where it happened: My Room
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

It started when my dad got married. And my new step moms daughter was my new step sister my dad had no relation with the kid. But a year went by and I noticed she looked good after awhile I fantasized about her once in awhile. The funny thing was I knew her from school. I only knew her by seeing her in the hall once in awhile never talked to her until my dad and my step mom got married. But she had a nice rack and nice face to shoot a load on(heh heh). So the story goes I was beating off in the bathroom and she walks. I hurry and act like I was pissing in the toilet. She said I see your busy. And walked away I hurried to my room. But she was in their on the bed and said let me see it again. It took me a minute to realize what? Then I whipped it out and showed her she said she seen bigger. I told her to take it in her mouth and see if it is bigger. She grabbed and started to suck like she did this before. I cummed quickly in her mouth. Then she said I want to fuck now. So she got naked quick what else was odd she was wearing a thong. So she directed me into her and I fucked and fucked. It seemed quick but it was 0 minutes. Now every night we fuck so far we been lucky no pregancy. Now she has a boyfriend she fucks but we still fuck to if you ask me shes a slut and I didnt start her cause when I started to fuck her no poppin cherry. But shes done more than me she has had 4 boy friends in the last month and she fucked them all. Around the holiday season or new years eve my friend stayed over. And she came in and said she always wanted two cocks in her. If you ever seen them pornos where theirs a cock in her ass and her pussy. We did her all night long we didt stop till 5 o clock in the morning. My friend and I only did her 3 times like that. One in my room, one in the parents room, and in the living room with the parents in the basement. Shes a slut and you cant even tell it she doesnt even wheir slutty clothes to get attention.

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