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Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: our house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My story’s not really romantic, it’s about two kids hitting puberty, but still, it’s my first time. Our parents were married two years earlier, when I was 10 and she was 12. We had our difficulties at first, adjusting to a new sibling, and having to share now. But we eventually became friends. We hung around the same group- just the neiborhood kids. She really liked this one boy, who was two years older than her. She wanted to be experienced, but not have a reputation, before she really started making any moves on him. That, of course, is where I came in. She’d hint at trying things out on me, then I could tell her if she was doing them right. It took me awhile to catch on that she was serious. My hormones got the better of my good judgement when, one day after school, she got real close to me in the kitchen and said she really wanted to get this guy, but didn’t want to embarrase herself. Suddenly, I knew what it was all about. I felt myself getting hard as she gently rubbed my hipps with her hands and explained how innocent it would be. I just couldn’t help it, even though I was a bit repulsed at the whole picture. She got closer and closer, ’til she was eventually whispering into my ear. By now I was to caught up in my own immense arosal. I had only started in the last year or so fantisizing what it would be like so near a girl, and now it was happening. She knew she had me, and she gently moved her hand from my arm to my erection. I could feel her trembling, both of us knowing how wrong this was, but it felt so good I couldn’t stop it now. She began to kiss my neck, and I just got lost in the moment. I kissed her back, and realized I didn’t have to be nervous about being clumsy, that we were both just trying to learn, without the pressure of performance. Our lips met, and I started gulping at her lips, my mouth open to try a french-kiss. She finally opened her mouth and I licked at her tongue, then sucked at it. I moved my hands to her shoulders and started careesing, lost in this ecstacy. I moved them to her breasts, and she began undoing my jeans. She seemed so arosed when she saw my bulge peeking threw the front of my boxers, and started tearing at my jeans and underware. My pants down, my erection throbbing at this point, she knelt in front of me, and I relaxed against the counter. I felt her mouth close over me, and I came right away. She gagged, and looked up at me in total suprise. I told her she was doing fine so far, not wanting this to end so anti-climatic. At that age it doesn’t take long for another hard-on, so I apologized for her being so startled, and said try again. Again her mouth closed on me, and she ackwardly moved her head up and down. It felt good, but I thought there must be more to it. I coached her, “bite harder”, “watch your teeth”, “try sucking”. She closed tight on me, and found a rhythm. I couldn’t stop moaning, and felt dizzy. I grabbed her head at one point and began working my pelvis in rhythm with her mouth. Her hands were clasped so tightly on my bare buttocks, it hurt. Suddenly, her fingures worked their way into my anus, and I thought I would die right there. I needed more. I moved her to the floor, and began pulled her skirt up. I pulled her panties down and off, then moved to her shirt. She pulled mine off and began licking my chest. I dove in between her legs, pelvis first, thinking things just magically fell together, but was startled when my penis hit every where but her vagina. She criied out a bit, so I grabbed my dick and moved it into her slit. I pushed, and vaguely thought that again, there mudt be more to it. She was wet, but I couldn’t get it in. My thoughts spinning, I grabbed cooking oil from the cabnet near our feet and and threw the lid. I told her’ “put out your hand”, and poured oil on it. I then told her, “rub it on my cock”. I grabbed her hand and tightened it on my penis, and rubbed it hard up and down my shaft. The sweat was pouring off of me now, and I lowered my head to her chest to rest it. My mouth then found her nipples, and I sucked so hard that she let a loud moan escape. This only excited me more, and I crashed into her with such force, we slip back a bit and her head hit one of the chair legs. I felt her body close around my dick, and I lost all control. I pumped with all my weight, trying to get in as far as I could go. She cryed out, and scratched at my back. Then pain only intensified my desire. I pumped, back and forth, as hard as I could, not imagining in my wildest fantasies how good sex would feel. I felt my balls tighten, and then a massive explosion from within. I cryed out, then calapsed on my step sister in complete exhaustion. We laid there, panting for while, not saying anything, not looking at each other.I could still feel her wrapped around my now flaccid penis, and didn’t want to move from this position. But them sound of my Mom, pulling into the driveway woke us from our trance, and I quickly pulled out, helped her up, and grabbed our clothes. We ran to my bedroom and dressed as fast as we could, ignoring all of the different body fluids we were both covered in. We never spoke of it, and I moved in with my Dad the next week, much to my Mom’s dismay. We don’t have much to do with each other, but I do know she “got” the boy that was the very reason for our experiment. She had his baby a year later, and he has nothing to do with either of them now.

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