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step sis

Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: her room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

When I was 11 my parents got divorced and I lived with my dad. Two years latter he got married to a nice piece a ass and she had a daughter named Brandy, she was 15 and hot, brunet, thin, big tities, nice ass, and a very cute face. Now I ain’t one ta brag but I’m cute as hell so she was all ways playen around and flirt even though I was two years younger than her. One night we were talking in her room and she wanted to play truth or dare, I chose truth and she asked how long my dick was and I told her the truth 6inch, then she chose truth and I asked her if she ever played with her pussy, she said all the time, then I chose dare and she told me to take my pants and boxers off, so I pulled down my pants and tryed realy hard not ta get hard then I pulled down my boxers and she staired at it and licked her lips with made me hard realy quick but she didn’t care, the she chose truth and I asked if she ever played with her pussy thinking of me, and she said every time, after she said that my dick hurt it was so hard, then I chose dare, and she told me to put my cock in her mouth, she opend her mouth and I just slid it in and she sucked that thing so good I shot my load in about a minute, then she stood up and wisperd in my ear “your not done yet” and I pulled her pj bottoms down and ripped of her pantys and just started fucking her hard, we were bolth screaming and moning, I pulled up her shirt and played with her tities, oh god it felt great, then I pulled out and came all over her stumch and tits, after I shoat my load we herd foot steps running up the stairs so I quickly dove behind her dresser, my dad and Brandys mom bolth run in naked and say they herd screaming and Brandy was lieing thier bottom less with her shirt pulled up and cum all over her tits, said she was masterbating and the cum was hers, then they said they heard a male voice to and she pulled out a porn video from the vcr by her bed and said it was that, they took the video and said sorry for imbarsing her and left. She said we shouldn’t fuck any more because she dosn’t want to be pregnet, but she still sucks my dick so I don’t care.

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