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step dad caught us

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: his truck
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I was 15 when i met him, its was at a party that my friends had drug me too. He was beautiful brown hair that was long but not too long kinda shaggy looking and green eyes. The party was for one of our friends his son was just born so we decided to celebrate, well i walked in and took a beer out of the cooler that was sitting on the table when my friend grabbed my arm and said we are going to play strip poker. I am not the smallest girl i was hesitant at first, i won the first couple of hands, Jay was sitting next to and he leaned over and said “Im going make sure you lose i want to see you naked.” I was shocked and turned on and offended at the same time. well about an hour later we were smashed and naked, well my friends left and i started to get dressed when he stopped me, he started to kiss my lips and my neck, then he pushed me on the bed, he got on top and bit my neck ( bitting is one of my turn ons) and playing with my nipples. i could feel his dick pushing against me. He started rubbing me and moved his way to my pussy. First he just rubbed, and played with my clit then he started to finger me, it felt so good i, i tried to keep quite but it didnt work i moaned loud im sure the party heard, after about 10 mins my mom called telling me to get home so he took me home and I played with his dick the whole way. When he dropped me off he asked for my number and if he could get me the next day to mudding. Of course said yes and went in the house. The next day he picked me up and we went to his house. we used the jeep he had to go mudding instead of the truck because to dirtier that way, after we were done i got back his truck and told him to find us a place were could be alone. we went to the lake behind his house and started making out he took of my shirt and started sucking and bitting my tits and his hands were down my pants, i was getting so wet and turned on that couldnt stand it. it pushed him back and took his erect 8 inch dick ( i measured later) out of his pants and started sucking it he pulled my hair and moaned which turned me on even more, he stopped me and told me that we had to go some were because he was going to fuck me harder than i had ever been fucked. This turned me on and i said ok, lets go. He took me to the barn and up to the hay loft were everyone went to make out when they were over, he laid me down on a mattress that was up there and took of my pants and slowly played with my clit with his tongue this sent me through the roof my back was arced and he asked me if wanted to feel him inside me, I said yes and that i was a virgin and he said it was ok he started to finger me so it would be easier. It felt so good i came while he did this he also contiuned to eat me out. he then asked me if i was ready he put a condom on and slowly entered me it hurt like a bitch, which i liked ( cuz i have a thing for pain) “harder” i moaned he kissed me and my neck and bit my nipples and neck and i was getting loud. I told him that i wanted to be on top, so i flipped him, i was this time facing the top of the ladder that you had to use to get to the loft, neways i got on top and started to move my hips slowly back and forth then he told me to bounce this pushed his dick deeper and deeper inside of me i loved it he told me get loud because we were alone. I started to moan and tipped my head back, and came as did he and as i moved to kiss him, and as did this I saw his step dad at the top of the ladder. I was so embarrassed, i didnt now what else to say, so i introduced my self. I could feel his dick pulsating inside me and wanted to moan again, and it took a lot not too, well his step dad just said “well when you are done come to the house dinner is ready,” and went back down the ladder. we got dressed and went to the house. It was an awkward first meeting of his parents, and awkward first dinner with the family.(he has three sisters and two brothers and five nieces who were all there. and his oldest niece was only 3 years younger than me when this happened. Well he took me home and we went at it again in his truck on an old dirt road. He pulled up to house and asked me to go out with him, i of corse said yes and he kissed me we dated for about a year and half until i caught him cheating on me. It was a great first time and dont regret any of it. I am engaged now, and the sex is better and i am happier with my new guy we have been together for a year and he is 100 percent suportive of my dreams Jay wasnt. So i made the right chose, both with having sex with jay and then leaving him instead if forgiving him,

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