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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: My bed
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I have to thank my step dad for making it possible to loose my virgenity. My real dad died when I was 5 and Mom remarried a young guy that she worked with that was only 10 years older than me. Dennis and I get along real well. He can relate to what its like being a teenager. I had never had a lot of luck with girls and Dennis and I would talk abot sex and girls and stuff. He knew how much I wanted to get layed.

Dennis’s cousin Vicki came to visit us this summer. She was really good looking – big tits, blond hair, cute face and nice persenality. She was 18 and just getting ready to start college. My mom works as a nurse and she had the night shift the whole week Vicki was here. Dennis, Vicki and me went to the beach the first day she was here and I got a good look at her body in a bikini. When she looked at my shorts she could clearly see what was happening to me. We got along pretty good and later had dinner and went to a movie. We all watched a little TV when we got home then I went to bed about midnight. I jacked off like crazy when I got into bed thinking about Vicki. When I finished I pulled up the covers to go to sleep. I usually sleep nude.

Suddenly my door opened and Vicki came in. She was wearing a see thru night gown. My dick shot straight up again. She sat on my bed and said she had been thinking about me all day since we were at the beach. She wanted to get a better look at what was stretching my shorts. She started talking real sweet to me and told me how much she liked looking at my body. I told her I liked looking at her body too and she said then I should see more of it. She pulled the nightgown over her head and was nude on my bed. Then she pulled off my covers and saw I was nude with my dick sticking straigt up in the air. She said Ron, I didnt realise how ready you were. She kissed me and then got on top of me and sat her pussy right down on my dick. It happened so fast but it really felt good. She started riding me real hard. Im glad I jacked off earlier cause then it took me a long time to cum again. When I did it was awesom!

Vicki and I fucked a couple of more times that night and she taugt me how to do oral sex on her and she did it to me. When we got tired we just went to sleep together. I got up first the next morning and while she slept I went to the kitchen to get breakfast. Dennis was sitting at the table and he asked me how I enjoyed Vickis’ gift to me. I told him that it was great and I knew then that he had set it up. I thanked him and then Vicki came in and she thanked him too. I guess I did ok for a 15 year old virgen. We fucked a lot that week and slept together every nite. I can’t wait till Vicki visits again. Im gonna go visit her at college.

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