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Spring Break Story

Where it happened: beach motel
Langauge: English
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

Me and my friend Gus made it our goal to get laid when the girls came to town for spring break. We worked out all winter to get buff bods and it paid off. We hooked up with two hot chicks from Indiana and gave them plenty of beer and xtc and other shit and they didn’t care that we were in high school. They invited us to their room the first night we met them and after we all had a pretty good buzz on they stripped off their thongs and we took each one to a bed. Soon you had four naked teenagers with tongues arms and legs all wrapped up and real quickly everybody was fucking. The girls had no idea we were virgins except neither Gus or me lasted very long on our first time. Still it was awesome. Ginger’s breasts were huge and felt so good against me and her pussy was slick and tight and she knew how to move her muscles to make a guy feel great. They couldn’t get enough sex and neither could we!! Lets just say none of us wore much clothing that week-swimsuits or less only. We got a lot of fucking practice that week and they invited us to Indiana for summer vacation. We’re going!!!!

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