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Shouldn’t have

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: His bed
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

FIRSTLY; this may be very poorly written
So me and my now ex-boyfriend, Dylan, had been dating on and off for about two years. Halfway into our relationship I moved two hours away. For a year we were talking on the phone and seeing eachother maybe once every three months. We had decided that I would come to his house for a week over Christmas break. About a month before I went we started talking about his feelings. He kept telling me how he wanted to show me how he really feels about me and how he wanted to express his feelings. I knew what I was getting into, and I still went.. I don’t know why, the thought scared the shit out of me. So christmas came and I was off to his house. The first night I got there we decided I was sleeping in his bed. His parents were upstairs, but they couldn’t here the basement. We were watching the movie When a Stranger Calls, and the scary parts were coming so we were really cuddling close. Soon that turned into full on make out session. He was laying ontop of me and things were really reeally heating up. While we were making out he was rubbing his hands up and down my chest until he decided to put his hand under my shirt. I didn’t protest, honestly, it felt good and I was in the mood >..<. So he did that for a while. Then took of his shirt and kept going. He was rubbing my breasts and then started working his way down my stomach. He got to my pants and started rubbing my vagina from the outside of my pants. I'd touched myself before, so I knew it could get a lot better. I took his hand and shoved it under my pants. So he was working his way around, still just rubbing when I was getting really wet i guess he noticed, because he stuck his hand under my underwear and started rubbing his finger around my clit. By now i was totally horny and it all felt to good to stop. So he slowly moved his hand down and stuck his fingers in me, three at one time. It hurt but I didn't let him know that. He fingered me like this until I had three orgasims. Then he got off me and rolled onto his back. I knew what I had to do. So I moved ontop of him and down to his waist. Undid his pants, slid them off and saw his 7 1/2" cock throbbing straight up. Now I'd given a blow job before so It wasnt my first time seeing one, but it was a lot bigger than the other guys. Anyways, so I got closer to it and saw the pre-cum he already had dripping from the head. I touched it once with my finger and felt it throooobb hardcore. So i got right over it and stuck just about 5" of it into my mouth. While I played with his balls (because he asked me to….) i sucked him off. Right before he was about to cum he put his hands on the back of my head and pushed all 7" of his cock into my mouth and shot 4 huge globs of his cum down my throat.
After that he decided he was tired so he decided we were going to bed. just my luck I was still horny. Idk how it ended up, but we both ended up getting completely naked before we layed down. He layed behind me, so we were in the spooning position, his arm was wrapped around me, cupping my breast and he was pressed so close to me that I could feel every part of him. His cock was pressed against my but and I could feel every twitch.
About an hour or two later, after I'd already fallen alseep I felt something hard pressing against the back of my vagina. I looked down to see that my leg was propped ontop of his, and his was inbetween mine, making my legs seperated and his cock was rock hard and pressing against my vagina. I thought maybe he was just sleeping, but as soon as I turned around he grabbed my nipple so hard that I didn't know weather it hurt, or weather it felt good. He turned me onto my back and stradled me. He started kissing me, so I kissed him back. Then he started kissing down my stomach, biting my nipples a little, here and there. I could feel his cock pushing harder against my vagina now. I have to admit, he knew how to turn me on, a lot. He made his way down to my waist and kept going. I'd never had a guy eat me out, and I didn't really think I liked the idea of it happening then. So I tried to protest but he just held my legs open and stuck his tongue inside me. For fifteen minutes he was licking&nibbling on my clit, eating me out and fingering me, he fortunetly found my g-spot and made me oragasim like 10 times. about ten minutes into this he had his tongue inside me and his right thumb was rubbing my clit, but he took his left hand (that he was using to hold my legs open) and moved it just below his chin. Before I knew what he was doing he stuck his finger in my vag, got it lubricated and stuck it in my asshole. God did it hurt, but as soon as i protested he stopped eating me out and used his other hand to old my legs open. He then stuck the thumb of his hand he was using to assfuck me into my vag. It felt good, but it hurt.
After that I figured that well, now I ad to have sex with him. I wanted to, then. now i look back and don't know why. ..
So he took his fingers out, reached into his bedside table, pulled out a condom and stuck it on his 7 1/2" cock, got a bit of lube and rubbed it on and positioned himself infront of my vag. Of course, he asked me if i really wanted to, and I, being stupid, said yes. Without even taking into consideration how it might hurt me, he put the head of his cock in the opening, moved it around a little, and rammed the rest of it in there, yes. ALL 7 1/2 inches of it. I didn't know it would all fit, but it did. He rammed it in so hard it popped my cherry and made me scream. He asked if i was okay, then carried on. going a little bit slow, taking it all the way out, but then ramming it back in. Of course it hurt like hell, but after the pain it got to be really really pleasurfull. So this went on for about 40min, in a few different positions (doggystyle&hook). Just when he was about to cum, he pulled out, yanked the condom off and burst his load on my chest. I on the other hand, had about a gazillion orgasims
So thats how my first time happened. The first time I had an orgasim. Now, I wouldn't do it again. It was really stupid and I wish I had waited. We broke up about a week after because "his feelings changed". BUT Now i'm happily in a realationsip, and I have been for about a year now, and we have not had sex and are not planning on it, in the near future.

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