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She kept teasing me . No More

Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: visiting
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

I was close to fucking so many times and I ended up wanking off some where when my balls were about to explode. I was 19 and Hormones you know. I had done everything but sink my penis in to a woman. I was thinking I was just unlucky. I avoided the clap and other STD’s but My goal was to feel my self inside a woman. It was not about love, and I was ready to lie and pretend love, if that is what it took to get my first piece of ass. I visited a friend and the neighbor teased me all day and all night. Flashing her rear in the window and pulling her bikini top up as she mowed the lawn.
I was hard for two days. We went to the park where I was to get a break. Guess who was there. Yak yak she never shut up. She is relentless I told my friend. She likes you he said. The next morning about 9:00 AM she was putting laundry on the line . I was watching from the upper balcony with my coffee she waved at me I waved back. My eyes opened when she lay a blanket on the grass and sunbathed nude . Her bottom was up and it was facing my way. I asked for spy glasses . He gave me a video camera with a zoom instead. I could see up close and she saw me and then lay on the other side and blew me a kiss. all on video. I let it run and took her a coffee and refilled mine. We were sipping coffee and my friend was working the video so we pretended we were movie stars. Well we kissed and she asked me if I wanted to play and I said yes. She gave me a blow job and she said she hated the taste but sucked it all down. Her cunt was parked over my face and she pleaded for me to eat her and kiss her out. It was never my cup of tea but I gave it a try. The white discharge was strange tasting but not horrible. She liked it, so it was worth watching her get off. I was starting to put my finger up to play with her cunt. She snatched it away and told me always ask permission to put you fingers near a young girls puss. She could be a virgin and you could make her bleed ya know. Can I touch you with my fingers ? A huh . Are you a virgin? A huh. It was so cool to look at a virgin cunt. I was wanting to touch it, So I asked, can I touch it? Cost you a hundred dollars. Oh but I don’t have but sixty in wallet. Got an ATM card? give it to me and you can touch it. Just touch it. Not play with it or hurt it in any way. So I was getting my wallet and she grabbed it and was digging in my wallet while I was touching her. I have had my fingers in a few girls but never saw a virgin and this was so cool. Thank goodness she gave me a blow job because it took the edge was off. Her father called her from the window to do some dishes.I was ready to run. She told him she was sunbathing in the nude and playing with the neighbors friends huge cock. Never mind was his answer. Dad hates it when I lie to him . He is a Deputy you know. I have been a virgin 17 years which is long enough she said as we were 69ing . That makes you jail bait. She took my pants off. Turn around so I can get this on video I said. I have been working so long to keep my virginity and when I saw you the first time I said you were the one. How close a call have you had? Just a couple, one boy was gonna finger me and he didn’t know where my pussy was a course we were young . About a year ago I was all wide open and my boyfriend had his cock dripping and I was all wet and my thing touched his thing and we were trembling so much. Couldn’t do it could you. No . He and I ran in different directions. How about you? So close many times. Never got to put it in. So you don’t want a girl friend you just want the experience. You hit it on the head. Then get a prostitute you dumb dumb. Every girl wants love and a commitment or she is a whore. Answer this. When you hurt a friends feelings did you say you were sorry and make it up to them? yes. When you broke a friends toy did you replace it or not. I bought a better toy if I could. Will you be my friend forever? I thought and then said forever is a long time. A very long time she repeated. Yes I will be your friend forever. She kissed me on my lips. My outlook was different and I just made a commitment and it didn’t hurt a bit. Dad .she yelled .Yes honey. I’m going to make love to a boy out here. He repeated in a calm manner .I think you said you were going to make love to a boy. Yes I did . Can I meet him first? With his cloths on of course. So I met the Dad he was big. Bed rooms have beds and are better for this sort of thing. What ever you do,Don’t come in my daughter. I wont sir I promise. I ran and got the video camera and stand from my friend and went back to her house and ran to her room. We set up the camera. she tuned in a soft radio station. I went to the sink and cleaned up and came in. leave the door open for a breeze. We kissed and removed our things she had the bed ready and a spray of perfume was on her. I played camera man and zoomed in and she said good bye to her virginity on video. I very slowly I did the deed by pushing and her pussy blew out with out much pain. I was only going in and soon I felt what I was missing. We were so still both of us. Is it what you expected she asked? It is good ,but not what I expected. How about you? Its like a few paper cuts but down there. I feel full. I started humping her and then picked up speed some. She said faster. I had to pull out and I came all over her. Go back in I’m not finished quick. I did my best but she never got over the hump and I was soft. The camera ran out of battery and turned off. Her Dad was in the door way and said good boy and walked away. Guess he doesn’t have to check my virginity any more she said. He did that’s amazing.Its been 7 months since our first time. We are planning a wedding and I want a couple Kids and so does she.

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