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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: His car (SHAGGIN' WAGON!!)
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Well it all started out when me and a couple of my friends were at a basketball game and our basketball team has some pretty fine guys. well anyways, we were watching and this guy shane was like so fine!!He was tall with brown hair and the most gorgeus smile ever. I had the biggest crush on him ever since the 7th grade and i am in 9th grade now. Well we were watching the game and the guys switch on and off to go in and out, so everytime shane would have to sit out he would just star at me and smile. So after the game i was talking with my friends Ashley, jeana, makayla and chelsea, and then shane came out and started talking with us. He is so funny. Then all my friends left, and he asked if i wanted a ride so i said sure cuz my parents weren’t home that night they went away on a vacation. And so we left and went to an after party the basketball players always have. So we went and we both got totally wasted and then we started making out and he started to put his hand up my shirt and my bra and started feeling and playing with my tits. and we decided we wanted to be alone. So we went to his car and went in the back(he has a bronco) and we continued to make out and he stuck his hand up my shirt again and started fondling them again. So then i unzipped his pants and started feeling his hugh cock. Then I started to kiss him down his smooth hott chest down to his dick and started sucking on his cock. And he cummed in my mouth and i swallowed it. Then he unzipped my pants and started kissing down my body as i did with him but he started nibbling on my nipples and sucking on them. then he went down to my wet pussy and ate me out and i was cumming hard. after he ate me out for about 5-10 minutes he stopped and then he banged me and got 8 fingers up me and it felt so good!! After that he had me lay on the bottom and he climbed on top of me. then he slowly put his hugh pulsing cock into my wet pussy and started to fuck me and he would go faster and faster and faster and it felt so good!!!! I never wanted him to stop!!! and after 30 minutes he finally cummed. I wanted that night to last forever. Then he took me home and said he would call me in the moring and we would do something that day. So when the next day came he called me and we had even more sex but it lasted for longer. we had sex every day even when i was on my rag. for my birthday we had sex every 2 hours. he was the best fuck i have ever had!

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