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Sexy mother

Age when it happend: 21
Where it happened: County Fair
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

This just happened. I just got back from the Salt Lake County Fair. As I was looking at the farm animals, I saw a great looking babe. She was just finishing milking a cow when I was walking by and telling my friends that she could milk my dick any day.

She looked up at me and said anytime you are ready cowboy. I told her that if she were a woman and if she thought she could handle me she could try.

That was the best thing I could have said, she grabbed my hand, pulled me to the horse stables and un-did my belt, pulled down my Levi’s and gave me a great Blow-job. I say it was great cause I’ve never had one. I slipped my hands down her shirt causing the snaps to open, grabbed her tits and rubbed her.

She reached down and un-did her belt, un-buttoned her Wranglers and slid down her pants leaving her thong. She rolled over on to her back and told me that it was my turn to give her pleasure. I did my best as I moved her thong to one side showing her freshly shaved pussy, sticking my tonge into her pussy and also sticking a finger into her hole for 2 1/2 minutes when she let go one hell of an orgasm.

She started to rock, and buck and yell fuck me, fuck me, that her mother came into the stable to see what was happening. She looked at my face burried deep in her pussy as I was drinking her pussy juice for all that was there.

Sarah, was afraid that her mom was going to yell at her, but told us what to do next. The mom told me to lay on my back, Sarah removed her thong, shirt and bra, and continued to lower her pussy onto my dick. The mom said that this way her daughter was in control of loosing her virtue.

I fucked Sarah twice at that time, when her mom removed her pants to show me her used pussy and hairy patch that looked like the lost forest. her mom told me to Fuck her – when I refused Sarah told me that since I wouldn’t Fuck her mom that she would fuck me anytime. We got dressed and went back to the fair. Just as I was done looking at the booths, Sarah came a grabbed my hand – lead me back to the stables to 3 of her friends waiting to be fucked.

I called two of my friends to meet us in the stables and let our friends try and figure out what to do – while Sarah and I Fucked again and then once more. This last time to broke her cherry. She yelled and screamed and punched me in the face for making her hurt.

As we were finishing we heard her mother making some noise as we found that one of Sarah’s friends and Sarahs dad were caught Fucking – man is that family fucked up. Her mom started running after her dad with a pitch fork for Fucking on her. Good thing that I stayed away from the mom.

Sarah, I want to fuck you some more. I’m glad that you and I checked into a motel. I’m getting horney watching you finger your pussy – even as I type.

I’m going to finish now – cause I’m going to get Fucked again.

County Fair fucking is great.

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