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Sexy Married Sister

Age when it happend: 25
Where it happened: Sisters Bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

I live in India -New Delhi. It was the best thing to have happened to me. I was not going around with any girl and till the age of 25 was not a MAN as yet. She was my neighboure’s wife and was 30 years old- About 5 years elder to me. She was dark, big eyes and beautifull slim body- not sexy in any way but beautifull.We were very close to each other and use to share all our daily experiences with each other- sometimes she use to share with me her experiences with her husband also and always use to be complaining that her husband is very cold and does not satisfy her. We were so close that initially “that’s what I thought” she use to consider me as her brother as she did not have one. But I always had a liking for her and wanted to have sex with her but never had the courage to say to her. One day she called me to her house when nobody was there. Since it was not rare for me to be with her when no one was there, I went over. She was dressed in one of the most sexy of her dresses and I had a hard on immediately. She noticed the bulg in my pants. We started talking to each other and to my surprise she asked me if I was a virgin. I said yes and said I would like to maintain it till my marriage as it was special for me. She said one must know before marriage what it is and should be able to keep the wife happy and not be like her husband. Then came what I had been waiting for 9 years – She said she would like to end my virginity and wanted to make me experienced. She just wanted pleasure for herself and took a promise from me that whenever she desired I would be available. I hestitated but could not control and soon I had her soft and beautifull lips on mine and we were kissing. We kissed for about 5 minutes before she started taking off my pants and my underwear and then came out by big bulged cork. She said it was not bad and quicky took in her mouth and it was not long before I cum and she took all in her mouth. She stood up and soon I was taking off her top and the her black bra and had her not so big but cute tits in my mouth and I sucked them like I have not sucked anything in my life.They were nice black tits and they tasted like chocolates. I wanted to have milk from them but she explained it to me that it was not possible. I always love women tits and feel they are one of the sexiest part of a womens body. The first thing which attracts me are tits and though she did not have big ones, they were cute. They were sooo good.I sucked them for what seemed like 20 minutes and I enjoyed ever moment of it and had to put it off as we had to move forward. Soon her bottoms were also off and there we were standing both naked. I could not belive this day would come and I would be seeing her naked.. I had fantasised of having sex with her for 9 years and I will be honest I could masturbade 8 times a day thinking of her. She was so cool. Then we were soon lying on her bed and she guided me to the mystry hole and I was fucking herà. Yes I was fucking her. We had sex about 6 times that day.. I was just coming so fast that I could not control it- she was very nice and supportive and said since it is my first time it willl be like that. It was smooth and did not look like I was fucking a 30 year women mother of 1- she looked like 16 to me. It is one year since we are having sex- about 3 times in a week as we get a lot of opportunitues, and every time it looks like first time to me. She has requested me not to marry and she will give me all the pleasures which I have agreed to. She is a women satisfying 2 men and is the best thing happened to me.I often stay at her house also and sleep in the same bed room in which she and her husband sleep- and in the night we have the husband sleeping with pils and we end up making love to each other. She is great and I will never regret not marrying any one for her. We are thinking of having a child also as she will pretent it is her husbands and I will take care of the baby.She has got lovely long black hair which is another thing which always turns me on. She is so beautiful and the only women with whom I have had sex- though I am the third man for her- she also has sex regularly with her domestic servent. She is also attracted to another neighboure doctor whom she visits regularly and will soon have sex with him also- all with my permission as I do not object to it- as long as she is satisfying me I have no problem.We have had sex at ever place possible- my office, car back seat, public park behing the bushes, her mother home which is in another city, her bedroom with her husband sleeping next to us and not knowing anything, her in laws room, in front of her small daughter, in her kitchen, in my bed room, in our neighboures house when they had been away, hotel room, in a jungle to which we went for a holiday, at my friends house when he was away, her sisters house, in the swimming pool shower, at the beach on a holiday, at a water park resort where we went to spend a day— you name it and we have had sex there. She is just so beautifull that I really love her and she loves me and have pleadged to keep each other satisfied. Whenever I am in a mood she never refuses and whenever she is in a mood she never refuses- It like that and we both love it.

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