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Sex in the woods

Where it happened: Camp
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

Well, I was a counselor at a camp for Jr. High students over the summer. Our group got to the camp late, so our counselors made it to the meeting late. I was the first of our counselors in the room, and the only seat left was next to Megan. I didn’t know her name then, but I learned it quickly enough. I was taken with her from the moment I first saw her. She was tall, red hair, blue eyes, and big tits. Through the beginning of the week, we talked and got to know each other. On Wednesday night, I had an erotic dream about her. When I woke up, I found that I had cum all over in my shorts. When we met during the kids’ free time that day, I told her about my dream. She said that she had had a dream like mine, and wanted to “make our dreams real.” We agreed to sneak out that night. We met at the main road and walked down a trail where we knew nobody would see us. I had brought a blanket for us to lay on, and I spread it out in the ground once we knew we were far enough away from the camp. She asked me if I was a virgin, and I said I was. Then I asked her, and she said she was. Then, we started making out. As we made out, we both tore each others clothes off piece by piece. Eventually, we were both naked and in a 69. We both came in each other’s mouths. The tastes and feelings were great! Then, we both decided that it was time to really do it. I inserted my dick into her slit, and she started to moan erotically. Then, I pushed it in farther. She was nearly screaming. Finally, I drove in and out, faster and faster. She screamed once, but we both knew we couldn’t make too much noise, or they would send us home. Finally, we both came together, again. Then, she gave me a blow job to get me stiff again. I told her to get on her hands and knees. I proceeded to have anal sex. Her tight ass felt so great on my rock hard cock. I’ve never felt any other feeling that compares. She screamed louder this time, so after I came, we both decided to go back to our cabins. We had sex in different spots in the woods for the rest of the week, but on the last day, she told me she lived out of state (about a 15 hour drive away), and we wouldn’t be able to visit. We agreed that it would be fun to have one last passionate kiss in front of the kids, though, so we did.

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