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school sex

Where it happened: Schoooool
Langauge: English
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

Well my first time was the best ever, i was in the math class having the usual boring lesson when i decided to write a mobile message to the most beautiful girl in the class when she received this message her phone made a loud noise (cells r forbidden in all classes) and the teacher kicked both of us out, and to avoid going to the principle we decided to hide in the last floor on the school’s building. When we reached the roof we sat down on the floor and we started to chat to waste time, as the conversation was going on I asked her very daring questions about how many times does she masturbate per day and when she felt horny I asked her if she ever done it with a man b4. She said no but she would like to have it when it’s the time and then I asked her if she wanted to do it now and with me, at first she didn’t answer after a while she came closer to me and started kissing me. My excitement went to the peak at that time, cause I was thinking I will finally do it with a girl not by hand or other things, so I started to rub her tits above her clothes not daring to undo her shirt, but when she started to lift my clothes I veraciously started to rip off her clothes, I stopped French kissing her and started to kiss her in her neck moving to her half naked body, and eating her nipples, I could feel her tits getting wield just like men get their hard on, she then, and to complement me for what I done, she started to unbutton my jeans, I then felt that my cock will explode any minuet, when she saw it so red and thick she started to give me a head licking my hard on and touching my balls. It was the best thing I ever felt, I started to finger her pussy when I felt I was about to cum I stopped her and asked her to lay down to eat her out she did as she was told to and so I started to eat her wet pussy and make her feel the pain, although at some points she asked to stop eating her because of the pain but I didn’t respond and continued to do it until she came all over my face. When my face was covered with her cum I looked at her and to my surprise she was crying from pain. I came closer to her face and forced my dick in her mouth at first she didn’t like it and started to let her teeth interfere with the BJ, but she soon became a good bitch sucking with pleasure ME. She suddenly stopped and guided my cock into her tight pussy and started to enter her it felt so so so gooooood. I started to push in and out until she was ready to cum and we timed our cums so it felt so gooooood. She was horrified that she might get pregnant but luckily she didn’t. And the funniest thing about this was that we couldn’t find a tissue to wipe out the cums so we licked them.

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