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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: my house
Langauge: I said
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I was surfing the web one day and decided to find out if anyone had posted their first sex experience. somehow i put the keywords, my first time, in Goggle. Back came your website and was i surprised to see how many people had submitted their stories. I was highly aroused by all that I read.
I couldn’t resist submitting my story about my first sex experience so I’m submitting my story, I hope your readers like it.
When I was in eighth grade, I was a pretty good student, getting A’s & B’s in most subjects except Math. My teacher had me stay after school one day to discuss my difficulty with Algebra. She asked if anyone at home could help me and I said no, both my parents were not good at Math and had never taken Algebra. What about a neighbor, the teacher asked? Yes, I replied, the boy next door is in this class and is real sharp at Math. What’s his name, the teacher asked? Johnny, I replied. Oh Yes! the teacher said, he’s real smart and always gets A’s on his Algebra tests. The next day the teacher called Johnny up to her desk and asked if he would be willing to help me with my Algebra homework. He told her yes and then came back to his desk next to mine. He smiled at me, and told me what the teacher had asked him to do. That would be great, I said, I really need help in Math. He smiled again and said, I’ll be over Saturday morning to help you.
On Saturday, after Dad left for work, Mom told me she had shopping to do downtown and would be gone most of the day. She said she hoped I wouldn’t be lonesome all alone in the house. I assured her I wouldn’t as I had a lot of homework.
About ten, there was a knock on the door. When I opened it Johnny was standing there with a big smile on his face. Are you ready to work on Algebra, he asked? Sure am, I answered and I really need help.
Johnny and I sat down on the living room couch and began tackling the Algebra assignment. Johnny was so nice and patient with me as I struggled to get the problems solved. He showed me many shortcuts to arrive at the correct solution.
After we had finished the homework, I asked him if he’d like a soda. Sure, that would be nice, I’m thirsty.
I went to the fridge and got us a couple of Cokes and brought them back to the living room. We sipped them and exchanged small talk. Johnny was so friendly and I noticed how handsome he was. After awhile he looked at me and said, you’re real pretty, can I kiss you. Sure I said and puckered up. He leaned over and put his soft warm lips on mine and kissed me. It lasted for a long time and I was so excited to have such a nice boy kissing me. After awhile I opened my lips and his tongue went inside and began touching my tongue. It was like electricity and felt sooo good. After we had made out for some time, I noticed a bulge in Johnny’s pants. Dumb me, I pointed to it ans asked, what’s that? Johnny said, it’s my penis and it gets that way when I kiss a girl. I was surprised and said, I don’t have any brothers and have never seen a penis, can you shoe me yours. Okay, he said and opened the fly of his pants, r4eached in and pulled out his 6 inch penis which was real fat and stiff as a board. Ooh! I cooed, it’s beautiful, can I touch it. Sure, he said, be my guest. I put my hand around it and it jumped. Did I hurt it, I asked? No, he replied, it feels good in your hand and it twitched at our touch. I moved my hand down to the base and his foreskin pulled back exposing the purple end of it. He moaned a little when I did this. I said again, did I hurt it? Ooh no, he replied, it felt real good. I then moved my hand back up and saw a little drop of clear slimy liquid ooze out of the pee hole. What’s that I said, just like a dumb girl. That’s stuff that comes out of a boy when his penis gets rubbed. I leaned my head down, opened my mouth and licked the drop off with my tongue. Johnny groaned louder when my tongue touched his penis. I smiled and said, it tastes good, do you want me to continue. Please do he groaned and I moved his penis inside my mouth and began licking around the purple head. It was hard and warm and felt soo good in my mouth. While I was licking him my hand continued to caress his shaft back and forth. Johnny cried out in joy gasping it feels so good Sarah, keep it up. I continued kissing and stroking his wonderful penis and his groans became louder. Suddenly his whole body jerked, his hips pushed up and his penis began shooting spurt after spurt of his white gooey stuff into my mouth. It was warm, slippery and tasted salty. I licked around his purple mushroom gathering up all his stuff as it exploded into my mouth. Then I closed my lips tight, gulped and swallowed the stuff down into my stomach. Johnny was groaning all the time as I pleasured his penis with my mouth. Soon his penis went limp and slid out of my lips with a trail of his jizz. Oh Sarah, that was wonderful, he said. We went back to kissing and he asked if he could touch my breasts. I told him sure and opened the buttons on my blouse. His hands reached under my bra and fondled my tits as his fingers gently pinched my nipples. I was really excited and feeling good between my legs now. Would you like to see my pussy, I asked? Yeah! He said, I really would. I lifted my dress and pulled my panties down to my ankles. There it is, I giggled, do you like it? Sure do, he said, can I touch it? Go ahead but be gentle and don’t hurt it, I said. Johnny fingers went down and explored my pussy lips, stroking up and down. Wow! I said, your fingers feel real good. He continued teasing my pussy and gently put his fingers inside. I was purring now and enjoying the nice feeling in my pussy. He continued to pleasure my pussy as my breathing became faster and I utrerred soft moans of pleasure. Suddenly, like an electric shock, my whole body trembled as I exploded and covered Johnny’s fingers and hands with my juices. That was wonderful Johnny, I gasped, I never felt so good before.
Johnny looked into my eyes softly and said, I’d like to fuck you. Oh, I never have done that, does it hurt. Yes, he said, but only for a little while, I’ll be gently. Okay, I whimpered, do it slow. Johnny reached into his pocked and pulled our a condom pulling it over the head of his stiff penis and rolling it down to the base. What’s that for, I asked. He laughed and said, that’s to catch my sperm, so I can’t get you pregnant. Oh, I said, I’m really a dummy.
Johnny laid me down on the couch, removed my panties from my ankles and threw them aside. Then he got up on his knees between my legs and moved his hips bringing the end of his penis to the opening of my pussy. I’m going to push it in now, but don’t be afraid, I’ll be gentle. He pushed slowly ad mu pussy lips opened to welcome his penis. He slid it in a bit at a time as my pussy was so tight. Johnny stopped when his penis met a barrier, my hymen, kissed me on the lips and said, it’s going to hurt when I push again but the pain will not last long. He pushed hard against my hymen and it suddenly broke, causing me a twinge of pain. Sorry honey, the pain won’t last very long. Then he began moving his hips back and forth and his stiff penis moved in and out of me, slowly at first and then picking up speed. I could no longer feel pain as a wonderful feeling of pleasure surged in my pussy. Oh Johnny! it’s wonderful, fuck me hard and fast. Within minutes, he grunted and shuddered as hes penis exploded into the condom inside of me. My whole body spasmed in joy as I climaxed with him. After he was spent, Johnny’s penis went limp and slid out of my pussy lips. He kissed me on the mouth and whispered into my ear, Sarah, I love you. We held each other in our arms and kissed each other’s lips, nose and eyes tenderly.
After awhile we looked at each other and laughed. He told me I was a good student and I told him he was a good teacher for both Algebra and love. We laughed and kissed again. We went to the bathroom and showered together. Johnny tenderly cleaned all the blood off my pussy and legs with a wash cloth and then kneeled down to kissed and lick my pussy lips. My grades soon went up in Math and my desire to make love with Johnny increased. Every Saturday after that we did our homework first, as fast as we could, and then made mad passionate love. Thanks teacher for showing me the way.

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