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Age when it happend: 20
Where it happened: friends uncles
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

it happend durning last summer i have this friend she is a black girl we have been friends for years she ask me if i wanted to spend a weekend at her uncles farm i had nothing better to do said why not we got to his place he meet us at the door he ask her what she was doing here she said we came to spend the weekend he said ok he looked at me and smiled i have long red hair green eyes 36 24 34 i smiled shook his hand he held my hand softly squzzing it he was the biggest man i ever seen not fat but big his arms were as big around as my legs my head was under his chest when we stood up i ask him where his wife he said never had one lived alone it was getting late so we all went to bed i slept in the spare bedroom next to his my friend slept across the hall i got up to us the bathroom early walked in on him getting out of the shower his cock was huge and fat i stood there looking at him for a few minuts said sorry and went back to my room he got done he knocked on my door i opened it he said i could us it now then he smiled and winked at me softly huged me said he wanted to see mine since i saw his i did not say anything i went to the rest room then back to bed i kept seeing him standing there naked his huge cock hanging down started thinking how good it would feel in me never fucked a big cock before my boy friend has a tiny one next to this one i wandered how much i could deepthroat was getting so horny started finger fucking my self i wanted him to fuck me i never wanted someone so bad i pictured me on my knees him fucking me doggystyle hard fast as i did i cummed moaned feel back to sleep he got us up for breakfest my friend was already dressed said she was going to town would be gone all day ask if i wanted to go it was a hour and half drive one way told her i would like to stay here if was ok with her uncle he said was ok he could us some help and winked at me she left after she ate he said he just had to fix a gate that we would take the tractore i ask him what i should wear he said i could wear shorts if i wanted he just wanted so company he said no one ever comes to see him first time my friend been here in 6 years i put on a pair of very sort and tight shorts white tank top shear black bra i came out side where he was he looked at me smiled said i was very beutifull i said thank you he got on the tractore reached down for my hand helped me up said i could drive but i would have to set on his lap i smiled at him said sounds fun i sat on his lap i could feel that huge cock under me felt so good i would hit bumps just to bounce on it the strap on my top slide off my shoulder i just left it i was so horny and wet i started moveing around on his lap he told me to pull up under some trees he reached around shut it tractore off then placed a hand on my belly pulling back to him i leand back looking around at him my bra strap slide down then he could see one of my tits he said very nice grabbed it starte squzzing it pulling my hard nipple said its been a long time since he had some pussy and some ass i told him i never been fucked in the ass he said i was going to get it today he started getting rough with me rubbing me between my legs his cock was getting hard started sucking my tits bitten my nipples he undid my shorts yanking them off me throwing them to the ground he was pleased to find my pussy dripping wet he started finger fucking me as he kept sucking my tits then he riped my top and bra off tearing them he was getting mean with me told him i was scared that i wanted to go back to the house that i did not want to have sex his look chanced he pulled his cock out it was fully hard long and fat around as my arm he grabbed the back of my head getting a handfull of hair forceing my mouth down on his cock could barly get it in my mouth pushed it to my throat chocking me he forced me to suck on it then he turned me around bent me over the stirring wheel and rammed his cock into me i screamed it was tearing me open felt like it was going to come out my mouth felt it hitting the inside of my womb my pussy was never stretched like that before never had something so big around in it he started saying i was so tight was about to cum he grabbed my hair yanking me around shoveing it in my mouth cumming i started jacking him off getting all his cum he turned me back around said it was ass time i started crying begging him not to but he folded my arms behind my back bent me over and shoved it up my ass i started pissing and cumming hurt so bad he got it all in my ass i was crying begging to stop but he just kept banging my ass hard deep his huge balls smacking my wet pussy he grabbed my hips pulling me back to him tight then setting down forceing me to set on it going deeper up my ass raseing me up down on it i felt it throbbing in me he grabbed both my tits ramming me down on it i felt a huge load of cum shooting into me we both was done we just sat there his cock buryed deep in my ass i layed back against his belly he kept playing with my tits with one hand and finger fucking me with the other i placed my feet on the stirring wheel spreading my legs carefull not to pull his cock out of my ass he could get to my pussy better now we sat there for about an hour are so then he said time to get back to the house i rode on his lap with his cock up my ass all the way back i looked at him told him to hit the bumps when he did it sent shock waves through me i soaked his lap with cum we went to his room and fucked all day he was very forcefull and domenent in bed one time he hung my head over the edge of the bed me on my back and forced it all down my throat tell he cummed time went by did not know she was back she could hear us we got finished got dressed she was setting at the table she smiled at me ask if itwas good told her was the best i ever had

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