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Ryde It !!!

Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: a college town
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

One night, last summer, I was sitting at a coffee shop trying to avoid my friends. I had gotten so sick of always being the “advisor” for their problems, that I figured I would just go home and spend time with my dog instead. As I was imagining Hobbit and I winning medals for frisbee tourneys, I was paged by a less desirable companion. When I called her she pursuaded me to come to a kegger with her.
Once there, I was feeling rather passive as most of the partiers were stupid frat boys. Finally, I exited the noisy apartment to have a cig in the hall by myself. Right when I lit my Camel Light, I fell in love. A boy from across the hall came out to join me, and we became inseperable over the next few months. We always had fun together anywhere we went.
On some cold November night, we walked up to the campus pub for some beer and live bands. Hours passed, and beers gulped. During the walk back, we giggled and pushed each other around and raced in the brisk air. Walking past the Ryder truck rental center, I got a silly idea (thank you alcohol) to climb inside the back. To persuade him into my childish activity I called out to him,
“Hey! Wanna see if this truck is unlocked? Let’s do it in there”
He turned and laughed, then played with the handle until the giant door rolled upward allowing us inside. Steamy breath fluttered past our numb noses as I leaned over for a kiss. “Dammit, okay, I want to make love” I thought.
Our kissing was becoming somewhat chaotic and rushed. I pulled away and slid his jacket off him and my pea coat was thrown aside. For some reason we just weren’t cold any more. Puffs of steam rushed from our mouths as we undressed each other. My bare breasts against his warm, thick body was my biggest weakness. His eyes and smile were my turn ons. I wrapped my arms around his torso and my thighs squeezed his penis. My butt was cold on the wooden floor of the truck, but that only made it all the more exciting.
Finally, my arms loosened, I tilted my head to the side as he arched backward to see my face. We panted and gazed and smiled hard. I pet his face as he ran his fingers softly across my lips. Suddenly I raised my head to join our lips, while my arms slid under his and grappled the shoulders and wrapped my legs aroung his torso. His penis was crammed inside me and we both gasped and bit our bottom lip. His eyes found mine again for a minute, another smile, then it was a whirlwind of pleasure! Rolling around, me ontop, him ontop, him behind, him standing with my tiny body plastered around him, or my feet on either side of his neck. It lasted forever. THAT was making love!
Afterward, the crisp air felt good. His childlike crystallic blue eyes dug into my soul as I pet the short black hair on his head. He whispered to me that I was beautiful. We dressed, went home, smoked cigarettes, and slept. When I woke 8 hours later his arms were still affectionately embracing my body.
If I could, I would go back to that time, and pause life forever.

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