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Ron & my broken leg

Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: Midlands
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

Hi there, My name’s Julie. I was surfing around on Ron’s PC a few nights ago and found that my partner Ron visited it fairly regularly. After a bit of persuasion, he told me that he’d submitted our story (No. 21609). I decided to tell my side of it.

As he said, I’d bust my ankle on some rough ground and had my ankle in a cast from my toes up to just below my knee. It didn’t hurt too much, except when I stood, and that particular evening I’d been into the local town. Rather than wait for the bus, I decided to walk part of the way home, until the bus caught me up.

Well, this blue car pulled up and a ginger haired bloke of about my own age leaned over and asked if I wanted a lift. I got in as he was going to near my own home and we chatted. He seemed very nice, caring and sympathetic, so I told him my story and we had quite a bit in common. We also called in for a drink, and whilst there I could see from the bulge in his shorts that he was getting aroused. Playfully put my hand on his thigh, which made the bulge bigger. When we left the pub, he helped me to the car and I invited him home.
I rather fancied him, and it wasn’t long before we were going up to my door. I followed his gaze and noticed that he was getting a good look at my tits through my loose top. He carried me upstairs. Don’t know if any of you’ve tried being dignified when going up stairs on crutches, but a pair of strong arms to carry you is great.

In my bedroom, Ron Kissed me and at first started to massage my left tit, but I wanted to go further. Now, even though I was a virgin, I’d been that far with previous boyfriends and wanted some more. I took the lead and put my hand on the bulge in his shorts. It didn’t take much to release his cock. Nothing much from what I’d seen of other men’s but I wanted him in me.

Firstly, he pulled my shorts and by now wet panties down and started to kiss my pussy, probing with his tongue in towards my clitoris, which sent shivers down my spine. Magic is the only way I can describe the feeling. Soon I had returned the favour and had removed his shorts and boxers.

I told him to turn so that I could suck his cock, and kissed the tip. Although hard and stiff, it seemed to swell even more as I kissed the tip, then took it into my mouth. Together, we worked on each other until we both came, and he went limp.

Then, after he’d turned round on the bed to face me, I told him that next time would be for real.

We chatted and kissed for a while, he tickled my toes and played “Little piggies” with them. I could see that he was becoming arouse again. I rolled a condom which he produced down his cock, and this time, he lay on top of me. I opened my legs and guided his nob end in. I felt the resistance as he touched my hymen and winced, so Ron eased back. It felt great to have got this far. Then, with a short, sharp thrust he tore it. It hurt like hell. About the same as when I bust my ankle. A tear wet my eye and he lay there on top of me, supporting his weight.

“Alright?” he asked.

I nodded “Just wait until the pain goes away before you move either in or out” I said. He waited and kissed me.

After a short while the pain got less and I said “Go on – but be gentle. I’m still a bit sore”

He thrust slowly, getting further in each time. It felt satisfying to feel his shaft going further in and I started to buck my hips in time to his rhythm. He wasn’t far enough in for me and so I tried to wrap my legs round his back, but the weight of the cast made it difficult. We at last succeeded and I felt as if I was bursting as he came inside me.

Then, Ron helped me to the bathroom. With my leg in plaster, I’d had difficulty taking a bath without getting it wet, and so had not been able to enjoy a good bath. Ron changed all that. He helped me into the bath, supported the weight of the cast. He was able to wash my back and, indeed, my tits and pussy.

Afterwards, he wrapped me in a towel and carried me into my room to dry me off. I know that he didn’t say this in his submission, but by then he had a hard on again and we fucked again, this time without a condom as I had by now explained that I was on the pill. This was even better. The bath had relaxed my muscles and there was no pain, just sheer bliss.

It’s a marvellous feeling to have your first fuck. You can not turn the clock back. I’m glad it was Ron.

The cast came off a couple of weeks later and We’ve got it as a souvenir of what brought us together.

Indeed, Ron still puts the plaster round my leg sometimes (usually on the anniversary of our meeting), bandages it up and we re-live that night.

Ron, I love you.


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