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Rich !

Where it happened: My basement
Langauge: English
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

To begin….this is my freshman year of high school and I use to be really over weight, I lost alot of weight and felt great! In my Pre-Algebra class I meet a guy name Rich.
He 8 and is 5’12”,165lbs very well built. At first he had a gf but that didnt bother him. After they broke up me and him seriously started talking. I got my parents and my brothers to like him so he was allowed over all the time.
One weekend my parents went away and my grandmother was watching me and my brother….. I woke up to my pager going off, it was him…I asked to u wanna come over, I have a suprise for u! He said he would call me back well I said I was going to the store w/ my brothers gf. I gave him her cell number while we were out he called. On the way home we picked him up. We got home and we went down to my basement
we were watching some TV then my grandmother said she was leaving. That was great. So I knew what my brother was doing up in his room w/ his gf thats was the perfect time.
I jumped on his lap and started kissing him. He started to rub my back then went up my shirt and took of my bra and started rubbing my boobs. That made me horny. I took my hand and put it down his sweat pants. His was semi-hard
I started jerking him off. The he shoved me down in a gentle
way and took off my pants his hand still rubing my tits he
started eating me out. With his tongue ring it felt great. I cummed in his mouth. He came up and kissed while we were kissing he was fingering me! He said blow me and ofcourse I did. I licked and sucked and played w/ his balls until he cummed in my mouth. I said I wanna fuck u. He asked are u sure and I said Oh yes. His 9in cock w/ a gerth of 2in sliped on a condom and slowly stuck it in. I moaned w/ pain for a and he asked are u ok and I said yea. We started out slowly then I said harder . I was tired of laying on my back so. We did doggy-style first non anal
I got off right away but he didnt. He asked can we do it anal and I said Sure he stuck it in. And started fucking me so hard that is balls were hitting my ass hard. Then finally he cummed. He didnt stop, he stuck it back in my pussy and started all over again. I got off bout 4 times and him 3. After that we laid down and just held each other.
I feel in love after that. Every chance we could we fuck..school, mall, his house, my house. I will never forget that day and I will love him forever even though were not together nemore .

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