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Where it happened: frount seat of a car
Langauge: English
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Well Mike and I had been dating for about eight months now and he really felt that we should take our relationship to the next level. Iof course was and he and quite experienced compared to me. We were in my bedroom and he told me to lay back because he would show me what I had been missing all this time. I layed back and he slipped my pants down to the floor, suddenly I felt his mouth on my clit, he started running his tounge up and down me. I had never felt this way before and I climaxed quickly, I let out a screech and quickly covered my mouth because my parents were home and I of course did not want to get caught pardon my expression with my pants down. Mike told me to pull my pants back up and then ask my parents if we could go out for a while. We pulled away from my parents house and then he instrusted my to take my pants off again. I obayed and he placed his finger where his mouth had been just minutes before. First he only tried one finger but soon after that he was able to put two or three in there. It felt incredible, i started to breathe loudly and felt my body start to tighten up then I felt a release. Mike spoke softly and said “Yeah baby come all over my fingers”. It felt like forever that we were driving, but Mikes fingers kept me preoccupied. Finally the car came to a stop on a little dead end street near the lake, Christy lane was the name of that street. It was dark out and the only light was the moon dancing off the water. Mike pulled down his pants and showed me his cock, it was beautiful (of course it was the I had ever seen). Mike sat with me on the passenger side of of the car, and aked me if I was sure that I wanted this to happen, I assured him that I was no longer scared. He was on top of me and gave me a long deep kiss, then he pushed his cock up inside me. I gasped because it did hurt but it also was the most wonderful feeling I had ever felt. He started real slow but then started pumping harder. I tighten up my grip arround Mikes back and screamed. Mike was able to come shortly after me. After that we got dressed and talked. It was wonderful, I couldnt ask for a better first time experience. Mike soon taught me that I could please him and he showed me that making love is a sweet and beautiful thing. Mike and I are no longer together as lovers but we are great friends. Sometimes I even think that he shares some secrets with my husband. Thats ok thought because the both know how I like it. I hope everyones experience is as wonerful as mine was.


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