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Reluctant Little Neighbor

Age when it happend: 31-34
Where it happened: Numerous spots
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

This story starts nearly 3 years ago and runs until the present. I was 31 years old, a single male and I owned and rented the house next door. Both house are far out in the country on a little dirt road in rural Indiana. We are the only two house on the road. In the fall of 2008 I rented to a single mom and her daughter. For at least 6 months I thought she, the daughter, was a boy? She was rather tall for her age, short dark hair, the lanky type of girl. She was always dressed in jeans and sweat shirts, and until I saw her in the spring of 2008 I really thought she was a guy. I would soon find out how wrong I was! Her name is Jill, and she was 10 years old when she moved here. Her body type is best described as a “Cameron Diaz” type. Now, I don’t want anyone to think she is the spitting image of Cameron Diaz, because she isn’t. But her long legs, short hair, over all skinny figure, and small breasted. Her hip bones stuck out and her boobs, then were non existent, are maybe a 34b now? Well as I came home one spring day she came running over to meet me, and she had been sun bathing, as she ran I could see she was indeed a she, and that she had forgotten to tie her bikini top. She was basically flat chested, but there was some boob there! I got caught looking at her boobs and finally I said you forgot to tie up your top and she said thats ok she had it all the way off when she was sunning cuz she didn’t want any tan lines, and she just pulled it all the way off! There she stood with her little boobs right there and she said look at my tan lines here and she pulled the front of her bikini bottoms way down to show me her tan lines. She was exposing at least an inch of the crack of her pussy! I could feel my dick start to tingle! And I said let me see, and she pulled them down even farther, they were still on her but she was exposing ALL of her little pussy! I said yah I see, I could say anything else! Finally I said Jill you better pull them back up and she said its ok if you see, but I will. She was probably 5’4″ tall already at the age of 10 and a half. But there was no mistaking her for a boy any longer she was all girl for sure! Her mother lost her job in June, and finally got a new one in August, a second shift job. PLEASE POST THIS AS I WILL ADD THE REST LATER

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