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Where it happened: Woods behind house
Langauge: English
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

It was a Friday night right before school was about to get out.It was the kind of night that you just knew something awesome was going to happen.
Here goes. I am only in the 7th grade, but I had a nieghbor that was in highschool. I was somewhat freinds with him, and when he had a party, he said I could tag along if I wanted.
Well it seemed pretty boring, that is until a girl they called ‘Quicky’ came around.
The instant she came through the door, all the guys began to chant “Quicky, Quicky…”
I asked one of the guys why they called her ‘Quicky’ and he started to laugh. He whispered to one of his freinds and he started to laugh too. I didn’t understand what was going on, and was completely confused. Then one of the guys whispered in ‘Quicky’s’ ear. She too began to laugh.
“So you don’t know why they call me Quicky, do you.”
I answered no. She said,”How old are you?”
I answered “14”
“Hey, Brett (Brett was my nieborhood), what’s he doin’here?”
“Oh, that’s Brian, my little nieghbor.Why don’t you teach him a little something.
I noticed the excited look on everybodies faces.
“Yeah, kid,” said Quciky, “It’s time you learned why they call me Quicky.”
Again, everybody started cheering and chanting. All the sudden I was hoisted on everybodies shoulders, and carried out the door to the woods in Brett’s (my nieghbor)backyard. I saw a blanket laid out on the ground and some lotion and some sort of strap. It all came so fast. A bunch of girls started to pull of my clothes revealing my 5 inch penis. Then they started to strap the straps on me. By the time they were done, I was laying butt naked, sprawled spread eagle on the blanket.
Then I saw her. The boys started to cheer again as Quicky came toward me in a silver thong and bra. She looked so hot, I almost busted a cherry right then.
She cam down on me, and slowly slipped out of her remaining clothes. She started to fuck me, very slowly. She told me that she would start of slow. After about ten minutes of fucking, her ‘audience’ started to loose interest.
The started to chant again “Quicky, Quicky…” She looked up, smiled and said. Here goes buddy. You’re gonna find out now.”
Just then, she started to fuck me so hard and fast, I almost screamed with pleasure. Everybody was cheering. It was The best feeling I had ever had. About two minutes of ‘quicky'(with me moaning softly the entire time) I busted my load into ‘Quicky’. Everybody cheered.
About 2 months later, Quicky called me. I was glad, because that was my first fuck, and was anxious to get some more. But it was not thaqt kind of call. Quicky told me she would birth my first child in about 8 months.
Even under the circumstances, I thought that Quicky fucking my brains out was the best day of my life.

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