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Pregnant Wife

Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: friends house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

My best friend, Tim, got his girlfriend, Becky pregnant and they had to get married this year. They are both eighteen. Anyway, I hang out at their house alot and Tim and I get drunk on weekends, sometimes and I end up spending the night. Tim always tells me about their fights and how they make up and stuff. Last weekend, Tim and I got drunk and Tim passed out, I was left with Becky to talk to, we talked about how she and Tim fight alot about everything and she started crying and telling me that he did not like to have sex with her since she is pregnanat (Seven months) and her belly is so big and her tits are huge. Se said he did not like her brown nipples. I, being slightly drunk myself, got hard thinking of sex and tits. I could tell Becky was in need, and so I boldly told her that I would love to have sex with someone as sexy as her. Becky moved closer to me on the couch and looked into my eyes and said, I have always wanted to have sex with you, and then she kissed me. Not just any kiss, but a deep, french kiss. While her tongue was in my mouth, she put her hand on my hard dick, I put one hand on one of her big tits and squeezed. She moaned and that was my signal. I knew she was going to go all the way and I could not wait. I broke the kiss and told her that I had to have her. We checked on Tim, he was snoring, out for the night. We went into the spare bedroom, and took our clothes off. I was not shy and I had never seen a naked pregnant woman before. I was amazed at her swollen belly and her humongous tits and big long brown nipples. She was self conscious, and told me so. I reassured her that I thought she looked great, and my dick was proof, it was so hard. I put my hands on her tits and squeezed and she told me that her tits needed to be rubbed, squeezed and most of all sucked. I told her, all in due time. I continued to feel of her body, I moved my hands all over her big belly and ass. I put one hand on her pussy and shoved a finger in her. She was so wet and moaned, “yes”. I leaned over and kissed her lips and began to massage her cunt. I moved further down and began to lick her big brown nipples. I was afraid I could not get the nipple in my mouth, because of its puffy size, but as it got harder, I sucked it right in and began to suckle her hard. She was getting so wet and holding my head to her breast and telling me how good it felt. Some liquid began to leak into my mouth and it tasted good so I sucked harder to get it all. Meanwhile, her cunt was so wet, it was making a messs on the bed, I raised up and got between her legs and put my dick in her pussy. No problem. her pussy took me in easy. I shoved into her hard and she grunted, and told me to fuck her as hard as I wanted to. She said she needed it hard. I was glad to hear that, I fucked her harder. Her belly was so big, that it was hard to stay balanced so I told her that she had to turn over and we would fuck doggie style. I helped her get into position,and when she was ready, I got behind her and grabbed her ass and put my dick back into that hot cunt. I was able to hold onto her ass and give her what she asked for..a hard fuck. I banged my best friends’ wife. I am not sorry. I give Becky what she wants, when she wants it. I go over just like I did before and am only too glad to bring the beer and get Tim drunk. When I walk through the door and look at Becky’s big tits and belly, all I want to do is fuck her. I usually end my night over there with my dick in her pussy and have even fucked her in the ass. This hurt her some but she wanted it again after the first time and I think she really enjoys it that way. I love to come in her and we are comfortable fucking while she is pregnant. We are not taking precautions until after the baby comes. After all, I can’t get a pregnant woman pregnant, can I? I know I am in love with Becky and she has told me she loves me. I hate to hurt Tim but I hope one day soon, I can convince Becky to divorce him and marry me.Then maybe we can start our own family.

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