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Peter Sucking

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Wyoming
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

This happened about 20 years ago. I grew up on a poor ranch about 10 miles from Green River Wyoming. My younger sister and I were skinny as a bean pole, had freckles, and red hair.

Our only neighbors was my cousin Bobby that lived a mile away. Life was hell on the ranch with nothing fun to do. Bobby was 17 and just got his drivers license. Sometimes I would call him and he would swing by in his pickup truck and take me to town. He done this several times. Green River was a small town and didn’t have much excitement, but it was better than the ranch.
I wanted to go to Salt Lake city and go shopping. Salt Lake was the big city and very exciting, but was a 3 hour drive away. I called Bobby and asked him if he would take me to Salt Lake. He said it was too far to drive. I told him I would do anything if he would take me.

Bobby picked me up early on Saturday morning. He drove about 20 miles, then turned off on a dirt road. He pulled over, then asked me to have sex with him. I said no way you sick horny bastard! Bobby got mad and was going to take me back home. You said you would do anything, he said. I started to cry. He then said that I could suck his peter for him. That didn’t sound as bad as fucking, so I said OK. We started kissing and feeling each other up. Then Bobby took his cock out of his pants. It was about 7 inches, but looked huge to me. He showed me how to jack him. After a few minutes of jacking, he started moaning. He told me to suck. I didn’t know what to do, so I put my mouth on it and kept jacking him. Soon he started fucking my mouth and making animal noises. I knew something was going to happen soon, but not sure what. Then I felt this stuff squirting out of his dick into my mouth. It was like snot and tasted like spoiled corn. I tried to pull off, but he held my head down. I didn’t swallow much and let most of it dribble into his pubic hair. When I was done, we cleaned up and he drove me to Salt Lake. He said next time I do it, I should swallow it all so there is no mess. We repeated this many times and my skills really improved. I could get him off in under 1 minute!

My mom thought Bobby was such a great guy for driving me around. Only if she knew.

My little sister beth got 100 dollars from Grandma for her birthday. She asked me if I think Bobby can take her to Salt Lake City. I told her about the arrangement I had with Bobby. She was shocked, but said she would do it.

Saturday, Bobby picked up me and Beth and left to Salt Lake. Bobby was not happy my sister was with me. I told Bobby that Beth wanted to suck him off this time. Right away he pulled off on a side road. Boy was he excited. I taught her how to jack him and suck his peter. I told her she had to swallow his sperm so there would be no mess. She did it! I was so proud of her.

A few months later, I found out Beth has been fucking Bobby to get a ride to the big city. This made me mad, as I was still a virgin while my sister was a slut. So I had to fuck bobby too.

I only fucked him one time. It really hurt and I had fear of getting knocked up. I liked the peter sucking better. I know this must be a boring story, but it is all true.

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