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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: girlfriends house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

I had been dating my girlfriend for a year…and still no sex. The time came tahtwe went our seperate ways. Iam still very close to her. I was down in her area one day when Idecided to stop by and give her a visit. She wasnt home so I beagn to talk to her mom.

I opened the front door to their house to see her mom. She is beautiful. her big breast were tight against her white 1-peice skirt. I could see that she was wearing a thong…her skirt was very tight. She was on her way to work, and was fixing a cup of coffee before she left. We started to talk. She bent over in front of me and I saw her purple silk thong slightly exposed. She looed at me and turned red. “I thought you only wanted my daughter” she said. We leaned towards each other and passionatly kissed. We embraced each other. My hands slid dwn to her ass as I pulled the white skirt up. My dick was pressing against her pelvis and she began to rub agains it. We walked to her bedroom and began to kiss again. She pulled off her skirt and reveiled matching thong and bra. Her tits were spilling out of her bra. I began to lick them. She undid my jeans and puilled my dick from my boxers. There she was wearing only a bra, thong and white panty hose with white high heels.

I got on to the bed and pulloed her on top of me. She pulled her thong to the side ansd pushed my dick into her pussy. She gasped, arching her head back. She began to ride me. The water bed was sloshing. Her moans were loud. She came, and rolled onto her back with her legs spread. Her red hair was wet. Sweat was beaded up on her huge breasts.

Ialyed on top of her and pushed my cock in she groaned. I beagan a old afashioned fuck. I came in her. Her high heels and panty hose where still on. When she stood up. “Fuck me in the ass!” I bent her over the recliner next to her bed and inserted my length. iocame again.

We laid ther for an hour recuperating before she caled in sick. It had been three hours since I had first got there.
I have slept with her 3 times since that, and everytime she is better. She even fucks while Iam on the tiolet…

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