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Peggy – True First Time

Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: girlfriend's bed
Langauge: Eng
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

There are so many phony stories on this site about boys getting their first pussy. I am so floored every time I read about these accounts of “getting it in every position for an hour” before getting off on the very first time. Pure bull crap! There is NO WAY a boy can last like this on his first time. I know. I was once a boy getting his first pussy and it wasn’t anything like some of these stories say. Let me give the readers a TRUE account of how it really was that first time.

I was 19 and going with this beautiful girl named Peggy. We had been dating for over a month. On the night before the event, we were in the front seat of my car making out when Peggy reached down putting her hand on the big bulge in my pants. She went to rubbing her hand up and down my cock there and I, for my first time, put a hand under her dress feeling a girl’s legs for my very first time. This was all it took. I was so excited and aroused that I quickly blew ejaculating in my pants. Peggy knew what happened by my sounds and movements. This wasn’t Peggy’s first time.

The next weekend, we went out again. On this night, we both had sex on our minds after what occured the last weekend. We decited to go to a cheap motel. I got us a room and we went in. All the while, my cock was hard as a rock with excitment. I knew I was about to get my first pussy. We got undressed and what a body Peggy had. We laid down and started making out with each other. My hands were all over Peggy’s body. I’d always dreamed of doing this with a girl and here I was. I was feeling and kissing tits, feeling a girls ass and her legs. When it came time, I got between Peggy spread legs and came down on top of her. I pressed the head of my cock against the slit of her pussy pushing but I didn’t know where the opening was. Peggy reached down and took hold of my cock and pushed it down to her opening. I then pushed and in it went! Oh; what a feeling it was. I was so excited and so out of it that I get in around half way and I blew. I wasn’t using a condom and I filled Peggy’s pussy with a big load of cum. I couldn’t help it. It felt so good.

We ended up spending the night there and I don’t remember how many times we “did it” that night. Each time, I’d last a little longer. When Peggy got up the next morning, she had cum running down her legs. This was how things trully go when it comes to a boy’s first time. It is such a big thing. Doing with a girl what we had constantly thought about doing all of our teen years. Getting into our first pussy.

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