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Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: His place
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

i had been attracted to patrick for several months. he was not aware that i really liked him, however there was some harmless flirting going on between us. he needed a ride to school so i picked him up one morning. i called him to let him know that i was there and he asked me to come up because he wasn’t ready to go yet. so i went up and the door was open so i walked in. he asked me to close my eyes because he had a surprise for me. i did. he then gently kissed me on the lips. i was overwhelmed. i had thought about this moment and now it was finally here. i kissed back and we soon were french kissing. his tongue slid in and out of my mouth and my knees were becoming weak. he led me to the sofa and laid on top of me. i could feel him pressing against me and he began to fondle my breasts. we kept kissing and began to move together and my panties became soaked. i asked him if we could move somewhere more comfortable. he helped me up and as we walked to his bedroom we began taking off each others clothes. he laid me on his bed and put a condom on his very erect dick. i told him it was my first time and to be gentle. he entered into me and began thrusting and i went along with it. after we both orgasmed several times he asked me how it was. i said let’s do it again. needless to say we never made it to class that day…

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