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party fuck

Where it happened: party
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

my gurl was drunk at a party and i always wanted to fuck her but she was scared to but now that she was drunk i made my move. we went to my frends room and she let me take off her cloths and i made her tits and pussy feel reel good. she sed she loved me and i sed if we were in love we shoud fuck. she sed maybe so i licked her pussy and got her all exsited. then i took of all my cloths so she coud see how hard my dick was. she liked me being naked and she just wanted to snuggel. that was kool and we frenched and her tits feeled nice on my chest. wile she wasnt paying atention i moved my dick to her pussy and rubbed it on her opening and before she new it i sloly moved it in. i gess i hit her clit cuz she sed oooh thats nice. well fuck i was in now and there was no way i coud stop. she sed she hurt but i sed i loved her and she grabbed and squeezed my body wile i rammed her with all my mite. my eyez were closed with my gurl holding me and then i cummed like mad. it was the best. even she liked it. wen she got sober she coudnt beleve that she did it but she was no longer afraid and now we fuck all the time.

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