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Our Story

Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: France
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Well, we decided to tell our story together as we both love this site.
Sam:It all started when my dad moved in next door to Gemma an her family, my dad and gordon (GEmma’s dad)got to be good friends and so they planned to take both our famlies on holiday to france, Gemma where put in one caravan while my dad and my stepmum where in another, and Gprdon and Jane where in another.
Gemma: Well, i’m fed up of you telling the story, i want to carry on, anyway, there was a mixup and our caravn was on the oposite side of the campsit to the rest of them. Sam was a year older than me but i really wanted him
you did
shutup, anywayhe was pretty sexy, he was going out with this other girl called sam who had come over to have dinner with him in our caravan, i was soooo jealous, anyway he should takee over now
Sam: sam was sooo hot, gemma was hotter, but i thought her unnapproachable, so i decided to lose my virginity with sam, allthough she did not know it yet, she asked if she could use the loo, you had to walk through wre i slept to get to the loo cause i slept in the hall, gemma had gone to have a shower about now and then the bell sounded, this meant that the camp’s alarm system was turned on, so no-one could leave the caravan’s now. sam heard the shower going and knowing that gemma would go straight to bed, she came out of the loo stark naked, her naked body was so hot, she excted me to no end, i was lyng in bed and she came over and got under the covers with me, she was experienced, she was four years older than me, i found out, she thought gemma an me wre her age, she gave me the best blo-jjob that i had ever had, it wqas the only blo-job i had ever had
Gemma:just then i walked in to go to ther loo, i saw them, sam had the biggest dick i had ever seen, but sam(FEMALE)yhad smaller tits than me, mine were 32dd, she had never had a three-way before and asked me to join in, he then nodded to me to say it was okay and then i dropped my towel to the floor, his jaw dropped too, sam stopped sucking his 12″ dick and turned her attantion to me.
Sam:gemma came over and took me into her mouth, she was even better than sam, and that had been hard to top, i fel myself about to cum and took my dick from her mouth, i spurted and they were both dripping with cum, i then got hard very quickly and thrusted right up gemma’s vag, she screamed with exctasy and then sam got the handle of a wooden spoon, gave it to me and then i thrusted it up her vag, she and gemma swiched positions then
gemma:oh he cummed all over me, i got so horny i nearly died, then he gave me the best fuck ever, then after he shot his load inside sam, i got another good long taste of dick, we didn’t notice but sam had passed out in exctasy.
Sam:allthough i was first going to do sam, i now consider gemma to be my first,we are still together now and have found an abandoned building near were we live and we do it at least twice a day

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