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Oh wow!

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Ferry Boat
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

I could not believe I would let someone do thins to me.
While people were standing less then 10 feet behind us.
And two little children were sitting about 5 feet from us. This is what happened.
My boyfriend and I have been dating quite a while. A year to be exact.
We had never done anything. He’d never even seen me naked.
He is much older than me. And that’s what makes this strange. But exciting. We were on a Ferry boat, and it was night time.
We were out on the balcony of the boat, he was behind me and he started to slide his hand down the front of my pants.
I was wearing tight khaki’s so I un-tied them and he ran the tips of two fingers along the slit of my cunt, and then pushed through and ran his fingertips on my clit.
By then my eyes were closed and I was whispering, “oh god, oh god” I couldn’t believe it. There were two adult men standing behind us, and I could swear they knew what we were doing
by the smiles on there face when i turned to look at them. Andy assured me they knew nothing. There were two children sitting on the other side of us playing. They knew nothing because they were so young.
Then his finger went inside me and I jumped and let this soft moan out. He was moving his finger in and out fast, and i kept wanting to spread my legs further apart.
I had to bite my bottom lip to keep from moaning extermly loud.
With his other finger he was rubbing up along my clit and moving quickly in and out of me.
I bit my lip extermly hard when a second finger entered me. I’m tight. Even though I have had sex. I had never been fingered. I have never done anything in public.
Well, he doesn’t exactly have the smallest fingers. Actually
they are rather big and it sorta hurt. I’m sure by the quick gasp I did thats why he took out the other finger. I could feel my spine tingle and this feeling in my stomach so I pulled his hand
out and smiled. I leaned up and we kissed passionately. As we were walking back inside the two men were standing there still smiling ear to ear at me. I just know they knew what we did. I looked down and blushed. I had trouble walking straight cuz this feeling in my stomach was doing flips.
Oh, gosh, I wanted him bad. I wanted to find a closet, or something and fuck his brains out. French kissing him wasn’t enough. I wanted him. I know he could see it in my eyes. I needed it.
That was what happened. I know it wasn’t losing my virginity, but that’s what happen on the Ferry Boat.

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